Homeschooling in Michigan Help

by Liz Bandy

Kindergarten Homeschooling in Michigan

Kindergarten Homeschooling in Michigan

Concerned mom needs some Kindergarten/ homeschooling in Michigan advice; feel free to share!

My son started kindergarten this year. They believe he has a learning disability and are doing nothing with him. I have talked to the school a lot and heard and read that other parents pulled their kids and homeschooled when they ran into the same problems.

I want to home school but I am so lost and confused. I don't believe I want a group to meet with, just awant to teach my son. Any help would be great.
Thanks so much,
Liz Bandy

Hi Liz,
Michigan is a great state to homeschool in; you can register with the state IF you want to, but there are no laws requiring you to register, etc. Most families do not register. You are not required to join any group either. Support groups are nice for support and encouragement, but many families do not belong to any kind formal group. You will find different types of groups; some meet for enrichment classes, others just to socialize, play or go on field trips together.

What type of learning disability do you believe your son has? I know homeschooling has helped many, many children with different types of learning needs; you can't beat the one-on-one attention home education provides!

As far as curriculum: I personally recommend "Five in a Row", but there are many other homeschooling Kindergarten curriculum options you can choose. I like Five in a Row (FIAR) because it is so simple to use and provides just enough instruction so young, energetic children won't get bored. The curriculum allows you to take as much time as you need for a given subject, with lots of hands-on projects. You can also find free homeschool lapbooks to go along with most of the lessons at (Another Michigan mom asked a similar question awhile ago; you can find my answer to her Beginning to homeschool Kindergarten in Michigan question for additional info.)

Other website visitors may post additional options for you. In the meantime, you can check out more Five in a Row reviews to learn more about this curriculum, or find other homeschooling options and ideas for homeschooling Kindergarten.

Hope this helps! If you have any other questions or need anything else, feel free to ask!
Heather :)

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