Homeschooling in Illinois Questions: Homeschool to Public School

by Elizabeth
(stone park il cook)

Homeschooling in Illinois Help

Homeschooling in Illinois Help

When you are done homeschooling in Illinois and want to send your student to a public high school, what do you do?

I live in Illinois, and I homeschooled my daughter through the 8th grade because of issues with other children at the school. Well, now its time for highschool! They said they need some kind of form stating that she passed the 8th grade, and can proceed into 9th. Where do I get that? Do I send in her grades to somewhere? Do I make one myself? I don't really understand.

I have all of her saved work, and essays, and themes. I even saved the science project! Am I supposed to make her a diploma from my homeschool? I will need to know this eventually again, because I have decided to homeschool my second child this year, he will be entering the middle school my daughter went to.

Hi Elizabeth,
I don't know what school your daughter will be enrolling in, but I found a list of enrollment requirements from a high school in Cook County, IL. I have no idea what school you are enrolling your daughter into, but you can use the list a guide – most public schools require similar documents, etc.

IF the school asks for a transcript, (from your post, it sounds like that is what they are asking for) you can create one yourself. A transcript is different than a diploma. A diploma is the document that a student receives when graduating. A transcript is the document that schools usually request – on it is a summary of your student's education history/courses/grades, etc. You can download a free homeschool transcript template from my website. It's a high school transcript but you can use it as a guide. Good for you that you kept all her work, grades and projects she did. You most likely won't need to bring in the actual work that she completed, but it's great that you have it available in case they do ask to see it. The school may require your daughter to take a placement test. Again, I don't see that this is a statewide, standard requirement for public schools in Illinois. Each school/district may be different though.

The Illinois Dept of Ed does have a form that all transfer students need to have filled out. You can find it here: Illinois Student Transfer Form.

I hope this helps you or at least points you in the right direction! :) Other website visitors who are homeschooling in Illinois or who have enrolled their child in public school after homeschooling, may post additional information and help for you.

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Jul 23, 2015
homeschooling NEW
by: Dalton

Its not that easy to get the form stating that your kid had passed the 8th grade as there will not be any proof like the attendance register, attending exams etc. Some essay writing online people might come in handy for you. I will send the interlinks of them through a mail if you send your details.

Sep 17, 2015
Homeschool to Public High School Transfer student NEW
by: Anonymous

My daughter has been homeschooled from 9-11 grade. She has earned 28 academic credits and now wants to enroll in our local high school. Although she has excelled and has already met or exceeded the academic requirements, needing only 3 credits, she is being penalized for not having the Illinois mandated PE credits. Padding academic credits will not make up for a PE Illinois state requirement that she was not required to fulfill while she was enrolled in a private, accredited homeschool.

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