Homeschooling in Illinois Forms

by Lori A Schneider
(Tower Hill, Illinois, USA)

Homeschooling in Illinois Question

Homeschooling in Illinois Question

I want to homeschool my child and I can not find any forms anywhere that I need to fill out. I'm not sure if there is anything I need to fill out. Would you give me a heads up on what my first step would be in getting my child home for school.

Thank You,

Hi Lori,
You are not required to register with the state or your district to homeschool legally in Illinois, so there are no forms for you to fill out. If your child goes to a traditional school - public or private, you will want to notify the school that you are now going to homeschool and your child won't be returning to class. Again, according to Illinois homeschooling laws, you are not required to notify the school, but it is "highly recommended". You will send them a dated letter with your notice of your intention to homeschool. Keep a copy of your Letter of Intent for your files.

Wising you many blessings as you begin your homeschooling journey,
Heather :)

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