Homeschooling? I Can't Decide

by jordan
(pawnee, indiania, u.s)

Should I Try Homeschooling?

Should I Try Homeschooling?

Thirteen year old public school student is looking for advice. He wants to try homeschooling but his parents don't want to.

I'm 13 years old and just the very thought of school haunts my brain. Its not the teachers, its the people. I had this friend and we kinda separated apart and she has been taking over my other friend and I just can't get a break with people at my school.

I hate the people and teacher in my p.e class. Everyone there thinks their better than the other. Most of them think that they are too good to talk to someone less popular then they are.

I have been thinking about homeschooling but my parents don't like it at all but they just don't understand what's its like to just be ignored, its like I'm invisible to them. I looked up famous people and positive things that could happen in homeschooling. I don't know what to do. I need some advice.

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Apr 30, 2011
Ideas and maybe a solution
by: Anonymous

Tough question, and tough situation. I don't actually know anyone who enjoyed middle school or junior high.
I see two possibilities.
The first: Educating yourself and your parents. Ask your parents what their objections are. Write them down. Try to understand each one, and repeat it back in your own words. This will also let them know you're listening to them. Everyone likes to be heard.
Now look up all their objections: which ones are valid and which are misinformation? You'll need to think about solutions for the valid ones, and find clear explanations for the others. Congrats on using your online research skills, by the way. It shows initiative.
The second: Changing your location. Either a school transfer, or your parents might be open to Connections Academy. It's public school, done at home. It's free, since it's actually a public school. You will still have teachers, so you're not asking your parents to take on the responsibility to homeschool you - you're just asking for permission to do public school at home.
Now that I've said all that, it's possible that your parents are holding back because they want you to "work through" the relationship stuff at school. This is a tough job. There are books on how to deal with friendships, challenging teachers, etc. There are also youth groups, study groups, hobby groups, etc. You might tell your parents or school counselor that you'd like a mentor (Big brother, Big sister?). It helps to talk to someone who's been through it recently. Choose your new friends wisely. Look at how they treat other people - friends and non-friends alike. The good news is that you'll be going into high school soon, and there are more groups to try. The older you are, the more people you will find who don't care about popularity.
Hope this helps you in a tough situation,
Mrs. Rachel Clark

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