Homeschooling High School Suggestions Needed

by Elizabeth

My 15 year daughter went only two days to 9th grade, after that she refused to go again, so I withdrew her. She is currently seeing a counselor. She wants to be homeschooled.

I applied for k-12 and they have a waiting list, I applied for Connections Academy and still waiting. I am afraid it's going to be a waiting list.

Please help me with suggestions on what to do. I am desperate here. I know she has to be enroll somewhere. She is reading and doing some books in the meantime.

Hi Elizabeth, offers free high school courses. You might want to look into American School ( I know a couple families who have used this high school program for their homeschooling high school students; they said it was very affordable!

Hope this helps,
Heather :)

Do you want to homeschool your teen, but are unsure of what to do? Find homeschool high school help.

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