Homeschooling Help Needed: The Cry of a Mother

by Faith Waithira

Kenya Homeschooling Help Needed

Kenya Homeschooling Help Needed

Struggling Kenyan mother seeks homeschooling help and assistance. If you can help in any way, please contact her. Thanks!

I am Kenyan mother with 3 children launching a desperate plea for financial and any available assistance to enable me give my children quality education and also get back on my feet in order to gain custody of my children. I am appealing to all homeschooling and ACE parents of goodwill because they appreciate and value the education that ACE offers, to come to my assistance as I have since become financially drained after being in an abusive marriage for the last 9 years.

My daughter a strong born again believer still believed that there was an alternative education out there that could accommodate her, and was thrilled to learn about ACE. However, she could not access because of the earlier case, so she had to go to a regular high school.

As is the case with many women in abusive relationships, I originally never confided in anyone about my situation and kept it, fearing the stigma that would result from going out in the open. Just like many abused women, I stayed in the abusive relationships for a fear of raising the children alone and the hope that my husband would recognize abuse for what it is and change. Instead the abuse shifted from verbal to physical.

Life got even bumpier when I became born again. The situation got even rockier when I suggested home schooling for my older daughter, who desperately requested me to get for her an alternative education from what we have in Kenya. In my quest of looking for an alternative education My husband sued me for child negligence after my plea for dialogue to determine my daughters future fell on deaf ears. I was misunderstood by all those around me including my own family and accused of denying my child education. My daughter was put in a prison rehab and forced into receiving counseling she was instead intimidated and given no choice of any other education except what we have in Kenya and was made to believe that by looking for other alternatives I was misleading her as a mother. This left both of us devastated and traumatized.

Days and weeks have passed but one fear that never goes away is the fear of losing custody of her children. The only hold my husband has on me is my ability to provide quality education for the children. I am downtrodden both emotionally as well as financially, and I don't dare imagine how life would be without my children after all I have gone through to fight for them to be brought up in a in a family of faith.

What was once a happy marriage took a nasty turn, which ended up in verbal psychological and emotional abuse, the verbal abuses were laced with expletives and constant shouting. They escalated to a point where I developed a low self-esteem and was unable to work.

The verbal abuse intensified and he no longer cared whether the children were there or not, this threw me into a state of panic and I now feared for my own safety, I was now fully that I was in abusive marriage. Since he had already been physically abusive in front of the children so I just ran away with my children one morning into a shelter home for women in need. I have been here for a week now and hope to get a job and get my life back as we battle out the separation in court.

My children have been so traumatized and I believe putting them in an ACE school would be very healing, as well as give them the best Christina education ever. I have faith in ACE. I approached a new school, offering ACE, they are willing to take my children however I have to raise the fee before they can be accepted.
My appeal to all is kindly assist me get them into at least the first term of school as I look for a job and get back on my feet, to enable me follow through their education. ACE and home schooling is a new phenomenon in Kenya and my family and friends are not willing to help me as they don't understand, instead I have suggestion of putting them back into regular school. That is why I appeal to Homeschooling and ACE parents because they understand the value of the system.

Am not ready to resign to fate and throw my children back into the regular school when I know there is an alternative of Christian education, to enable my children grow in the word and get the healing they so much need, that's why I have launched an appeal seeking financial as well as any other support from the ACE community and all those others willing to help. I look forward to the communities' response. It was hard coming out with my private details like this but I need help badly and I am appealing to the community to help me for the sake of my children..

For more details, contact the following:
Faith Waithira 254-728-448044,
Or Wandia Mugo
Angels of mercy shelter for women, 254-20-2496204.

Thanks for sharing your story so openly and honestly.

Here is a homeschool support group leader in Kenya you should contact:
Mary Muriuki, Director
Elimu Nyumbani
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 254-2-0721925530

Keep us updated on how you are doing.
Heather :)

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Nov 22, 2013
spousal abuse/family
by: Anonymous

Sorry Faith, all is well. After all the struggle of being alive and putting a brave fight for your children, here comes hope, joy, and laughter. Your husband is a coward and not a man enough. He is only a child waiting for his Mum to bath him after all day play, but unfortunately, you can not be the Mother he has been waiting for.

Never look back cause you are nothing short of a little tiger. Everything comes in abundance, and help is in the pipe line coming to your door.

Good luck.

Mar 24, 2016
Enquiry about homeschooling group NEW
by: Prisca

Hello, my name is Prisca, we will be moving to Kenya in July, I have been homeschooling my kids using ACE curricullum and will like to know the support groups around. We will be living around Kahawa sukari.
Thanks, expecting every necessary response.

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