Homeschooling Grandma Needs Help

by Maria

I have two grandaughters, ages 5 and 7 that came to live with me several months ago. The oldest being in first grade and has a learning disability, mildly retarded (slow in learning). I am at the decision of homeschooling her after school lets out this year. She isn't able to sit down in school for very long and will wonder around and disrupt the class routine.

I am utilizing the library on books on how to homeschool and am so overwhelmed with information and have no idea of how to set up a daily schedule on subjects and so forth.

Our state (Missouri) requires us to homeschool in Math, English, Reading, History, and Science. I work full time and have 4 days to devote to my grandaughter in her educational needs.

I just feel bad for her as her mother and father gave up on her, her school isn't willing to handle her,but her Nana is very determined to give her the love, patience and education she so much deserves and really wants. She just hates going to school every day and wants to stay home with us all day as she puts it.

So I'd like to give her the benefit of being with us and her education and am asking for advice on what to teach her. She is in the first grade and I'll keep her in the first grade as I feel she hasn't benifited very much from this school year. I need help with setting up a curriculum and daily schedule.

Any help you can give is very appreciated.

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May 05, 2009
You Can Do It
by: Leslie Murphy

Good For you!!! I am so glad to hear that you are standing up for your little granddaughter! I, too, am a homeschooling Grandma with a little girl who is learning diabled. Her parents haven't given up on her, but don't have the patience that is needed to homeschool her. My best advice to you would be, first, RELAX. Find out what books she was using at the school, talk to her teachers and see how she was doing with them. After getting advice from her teachers, if the books were working or not, were they too hard, etc., go find some grade appropriate work books, set her down at the kitchen table and just help her to slowly work thru them. If you can't sind anything wlse to wrk with, I get "Evertthing You Need To Know for First Grade (or whatever grade) from Wal mart and let her work with them. You will find what she needs help with and just go from there. It's not the big mystery that you would think it is. She will show you what you need to he;p her with. Don't make it a stressful time, let her pick her time when she wants to work, within reason. You will find that you cherish this time spent with her and will be creating a very special relationship that will never ber replaced.

If you find her teachers from the school system are not suppportive, don't be surprised, but don't give up! At least try to talk to them, however, some are true gems in the rough, that will be an invaluable help. If you don't find one of these rare ones, just walk away and forget them. Remember, they may feel they are fighting to retain their job. If we all start to homeschool, they have lost their career.

Grandpa says to tell you to remember that although the improvements may come slow, but they will come. It may not show for a while, but it is there.


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