Homeschooling for Medical Reason

by S Wilson

My daughter is a diabetic an has been in and out of school this year to doctor visits and not feeling well. I can't afford to pay for materials to homeschool her. Does anyone know if there is assistance out there to help for medical reasons so I could keep her home to monitor her health better?

Thanks for posting your question to my website. A friend of mine has a daughter who had leukemia and missed a lot of school. The school district only provided a teacher who came to their home three times a week for an hour or two. Their daughter got very behind in school and they ended up homeschooling her.

Unfortunately there are no grants or home school financial aid to help pay for your daughter's homeschooling. However, you can find lots of help and support online and from other homeschooling families. Look for a support group to join. If you need help finding one, let me know where you live and I can try to connect you to one.

One website you might want to look at is There are course outlines for all grades up to twelfth grade.

Besides the internet, local libraries, homeschool support groups, and free cycle are other places where you can find free homeschooling curriculum and other educational free stuff for homeschoolers. The Book Samaritan is a non-profit homeschool ministry that helps struggling families with curriculum needs.


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Apr 25, 2011
I, too, am homeschooling for medical reasons!
by: S Hagee

It's SO not fair how they treat these kids in a public arena! My daughter is asthmatic and EVERY YEAR we have had to deal with her attendence issues. They do NOT seem to care about wether or not the child is ill. They just want you to have your child in school. No matter if it is a hazard to their health or not. So what if your child's immune system is down and a simple cold turns into pneumonia? They don't care. They want the funding they get from the government therefore your child MUST be in attendence irregardless. My kid is NOT a number to me. She is my only kid whom I spent a LOT of hard-earned money and time for fertility treatments to get her here in the first place! She is a living, breathing person who I will not take for granted. And yes, with her medical issues, I do have my hands full. I don't need the added stress of the public schools adding insult to injury. And neither does she. I don't know, but I do think that there should be programs (viable programs...that actually work) in place for people in these types of situations. Instead, we are penalized. Why is this??? Anyway, thanks for letting me know that I am not the only one.

Jul 31, 2014
Homeschool Financial Assistance
by: UniqueThrows4Less

Actually there are assistance funds earmarked to help homeschoolers.
See if you qualify

Apr 08, 2017
Medical homeschooling NEW
by: Ppolmounter

My daughter was having to miss so much school for dr appointments and she was a GT and AP student. But got behinfmd and even teachers started to treat her as if she was just lazy or lying. She has diabetes hypertension sever anxiety deoression severe sleep apnea and psuedo tumor cerebri which i akso have. Since 5th grade ive been paying for school on my disability income. She is disabled as well. I recently had her enrolled in jeystone at almost 4000 for tuition. I owe 1300. They locked her out. So she cant finish her sophomore year and do her junior year. I know if your child has heakth issues there is a 504 program that they dont infirm you if. My hospital did. Texas Children's. They have to accommodate them with snacks. Rest. Afditional time. Etc. Restroom breaks. Ppl dont understand a parents plight but call school district if you still want public schooling and ask about 504. My niece just got in cis if congenital heart condition. My mom didnt kn about it either. She's raising 4 grankids at 72. My sister abandoned. I help. So whatever advice i can offer just ask

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