Homeschooling for Beginners: 
Start Homeschooling Successfully!

Homeschooling for beginners often seems overwhelming. The decision to homeschool isn't always easy, but once the decision is made, many times you still feel scared or unsure. Don't worry, its normal!

As a new home educator, you will have lots of questions! I will try to answer the most common questions and concerns that new homeschooling parents have - if you have others, please feel free to ask.

The first thing you must do is relax and enjoy the experience. Homeschooling is a wonderful opportunity for you to slow down and really get to know your child/ren. A typical family's daily life can be pretty hectic - with getting the kids up and out the door to school; if you work, your mornings are all the more hectic and busy.

Homeschooling allows you to slow down a bit, and enjoy a more relaxed schedule. Typically, there isn't any rushing, as the "commute" to the classroom, is only a few steps away. :) You can enjoy mornings together - getting up and ready for the day, and eating breakfast together. My children have time to do their chores each morning, and start school early, if they choose. Otherwise, they have time to read or play, once they are up, dressed, and ready for school.

Homeschooling for Beginners: Common Questions...

Some questions you may be asking yourself are: 

  • What are the benefits to homeschooling?
  • Can I really home school my child?
  • How do I start homeschooling? 
  • How do I create a homeschool schedule that works for my family?
  • What about physical education or gym classes?
  • Where can I purchase homeschool resources?
  • What about home school record keeping?
  • Where can I find support?

And more... homeschooling for beginners, raises LOTS of questions! :) 

Don't rush, and try not to become overwhelmed. Take one day at a time, and one step at a time. You will figure out the best schedule, curriculum, and teaching method for your family.

With a little research, guidance and reassurance from fellow homeschooling friends or via  support groups, scary feelings quickly pass. 

Homeschooling Jitters

Even though I have been homeschooling for over sixteen years, I still feel unsure about myself sometimes.

As a matter of fact, I had those uncertain feelings again when our youngest daughter turned five and was ready for Kindergarten.

Homeschooling kindergarten scares me the most! Can you believe that?

I homeschool high school and middle school children, but kindergarten makes me feel most insecure and unsure of myself!

I have felt uncertain at different times in our homeschooling journey. When I first started, I felt like I didn't know what I was doing. When all my friends started testing their children, I started to feel insecure

When my teens started high school, I questioned myself again. At the end of high school, as they prepared for college, those feeling surfaced once again. So, if those anxious feelings leave, and then return, don't be alarmed - you're normal!

What if Your Child Wants to go to School?

Another concern that you may have is when you want to try homeschooling but your child really wants to go to school. When we took our daughter out of school, when she was in first grade, she missed her friends a lot. At times she didn't like that she was homeschooled; she really wanted to go back to school. She struggled the most with wanting to go back to school, when she heard the school bells ring and she knew the kids at the school down the street were outside at recess.

Setting Up Your Homeschool

Setting up your home school is quite easy. You will want to take time to find out your state's homeschool laws and guidelines; once you do that, you will begin to organize your school.

Some homeschooling families name their home schools to give it an identity.

It's fun to do and makes your homeschool more official. When others ask your kids what school they go to, instead of saying the usual..."I'm homeschooled", they will love answering, "I attend Twin Oaks Homeschool Academy!"

Doesn't that sound more official? :)

Other steps you will take in setting up your home school are finding homeschooling curriculum and educational resources for your child.

Before you start purchasing though, make sure you check out my article to help to pick the perfect products.

Choosing an Area For Your Home School

You will want to choose a room or area of your home for your homeschool classroom. We have used different area for our home school. At one time, we did all our schooling in the basement. With little babies in the house, we moved upstairs, so I would be closer to the kitchen (so I could make meals while the kids did school) and the little ones' rooms, where they would nap during the day.

Mostly, my family uses the kitchen table, and family room for our homeschooling room. We often switch back and forth between the rooms depending on noise level and projects we are working on.

You may want your school confined to one room. Keeping your schooling area separate from the rest of the house helps with organization. You can also just close the door, without the pressure of always cleaning up.

Keeping Organized

I think one of the hardest things about homeschooling is keeping everything organized. It will take effort from everyone to keep everything picked up and put back in its place.

Having a bookshelf or storage cabinet for your books and supplies will help to keep your school area organized.

Our family room in the basement serves as our homeschool library. We have multiple shelves organized with our favorite books and resources.

We also visit the library often and have a library basket for our borrowed books.

Learning Styles, Teaching Methods, etc.

You will also want to learn about different learning styles, and teaching methods to help you choose the best curriculum and home education programs for you and your child.

Many new homeschooling families spend way too much when they first start homeschooling.

Most try to do too much, mimicking what they did in school. I will share with some ways to save money and time, and make learning fun.

Homeschooling for Beginners Jitters Go Away

Just remember... we were all homeschooling beginners at one point in our educational journey. We have all experienced and gone through the "homeschooling for beginners" jitters, even the most experienced of us.

I hope my website,, not only helps you save time and money on your homeschool curriculum and resources, but provides the necessary tools and answers to your questions, so you can home school your children successfully! Besides this "Homeschooling for Beginners" section, you will want to read through my "Starting to Homeschool" section for additional information, and help.

If you have any more questions about homeschooling for beginners, or need a little help, please let me know! I'd be happy to answer your questions.

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Homeschooling For Beginners

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