Homeschooling Field Trips: Fun Alone or in a Group

Homeschooling field trips allow your children an opportunity to learn about their world and experience life, outside of your home school room.

Your children will touch, hold, see, taste and live what they are learning from their books or on the computer.

Not only do your children learn, but you get some great exercise as well!

Educational outings are fun with one student, with your whole family, or in a group.

As a family you have the flexibility to keep your own time table and do what you like, spending as much time as needed to explore topics or areas of interest, more in-depth. In a group, you have the concerns of keeping up with others and staying on a group schedule.

Benefits of Group Field Trips

Organized group field trips provide the benefits of group discounts and interaction with others. It is a great way to get to know other homeschooling families and begin to develop friendships for further enrichment and homeschool activities, or just to have fun.

Many museums, science centers or places of interest offer special prices for school or church groups. Investing a little time to plan a group field trip allows you to take advantage of some great savings.

Our homeschool co-op not only co-ops enrichment classes but field trips as well. Working together not only builds community but benefits the pocketbook!

Being involved in a support group that organizes homeschooling field trips provides an opportunity for you to schedule time outside your home to get away from your daily (and sometimes monotonous) homeschool schedule.

It is easy to get focused on completing lessons and working to get everything done. Sometimes we need a little push to stop, get out of the house and smell the roses. Homeschooling field trips do that!

Homeschool Field Trips That Come to You!

homeschooling field trips disecting owl pellets

One mom in our homeschool co-op who loves to plan field trips, organizes in-house field trips too - field trips that come to us! This has been such a blessing for homeschool moms like me who have multi-aged children, as well as babies.

The hardest part about going on a field trip for me is getting ready and out the door.

After our Friday co-op classes, an in-house field trip allows my older children some hands-on fun provided by area museum representatives or business owners. It makes good use of our time – we have already gone through making lunches, getting everyone up, fed, dressed and out the door, so I don't have to do it again on another day for a field trip.

Homeschool Field Trip Destinations

Some favorite field trip destinations for my homeschooling family are:
Historical and Science Museums
Nature Reserves
The Zoo
Going to the Lake
State Capital
Historical Landmarks
Farmers Markets
and more!

Where does your family like to go on a field trip? Tell others about one of your favorite homeschooling field trip destinations, so they can visit too!

Share Your Favorite Homeschool Field Trip Destination!

Tell us about your family's favorite field trip destination!

To be approved, your submission must be original, helpful and interesting to other homeschooling families. We, as well as our homeschooling website visitors, LOVE details, especially time-saving and money-saving details, tips and info! :)

Some helpful information to include:
The name of the destination and where it is located.
Why its a great field trip destination.
How much it costs per person or per family.
The best time to visit.
Special points of interest.
Any age limitations.
Any money-saving or time-saving tips.
Any special considerations for homeschooling families - classes, programs, events, discounts, etc.
Any other details that would be of interest or helpful to homeschooling families.
You may include a photo of your destination, or your family on your field trip.

Be creative, have fun and thanks for helping other families find some great homeschool-friendly destinations to enjoy! :)

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