Ten Terrific Treasures Found at Homeschooling Conferences

Homeschooling conferences provide a one-stop shop for information, encouragement and refreshment for both new and experienced homeschool parents.

From large state-wide conferences to smaller local events, you will find the support you need as you learn from and network with other homeschooling parents.

Haven't been to a conference or convention before? You're in for a treat!

Whether you're a newbie or seasoned pro, here are ten terrific treasures you will find when you attend.


As a home educator, you will need support and encouragement. Raising children isn't easy; undertaking the full responsibility of your child's education can seem overwhelming.

Also, taking some time to get away and re-energize yourself is also important for your emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. :)


Stuck in a rut? Homeschooling conferences give you the refreshment you may need to keep on, keeping on.

At times we lose focus, make everything more complicated than it needs to be, and end up overwhelmed or ready to quit. Listening to, learning from and connecting with others helps! Sometimes all we need is someone to help us look at a situation from a new or different perspective.

New Ideas

Feeling drained, unmotivated or uncreative? Homeschooling not going the way you want? You will discover fresh ideas, new insight and wisdom from other homeschooling moms and dads, as well as from key-note speakers; many who have been there, done that.

Homeschool Help

Experiencing a homeschooling problem or learning challenge? Homeschooling conferences offer a great opportunity for you to receive help from experienced home educators and educational professionals – a one-stop shop full of homeschool help!

Supportive Friends

Giving and receiving is important; like-minded friends provide daily support and camaraderie. Need a friend? Homeschooling conferences are a great place to meet and connect with new people who need a friend too!

I appreciate my fellow homeschooling friends – we laugh, cry and share life together; I couldn't imagine homeschooling without them!

Expert Guidance

Everyone needs a little guidance at times. Talking to someone who is outside of a situation may be all you need to overcome a homeschooling obstacle. You will find a wealth of resources and people to talk to, helping to point you in the right direction.

Current Information

Keep up-to-date with current homeschooling issues and information. From the experience and expertise of conference speakers and presenters, you will gain valuable insight into issues that affect homeschooling and your family. You will also learn about different homeschooling methods as well as learn different ways to best educate your child.

Shop 'Til You Drop Fun

Hands down, I think a favorite part of homeschooling conferences is the exhibit hall. You will find a variety of local and national exhibitors who offer products and services to help you in your homeschooling journey.

Knowledgeable People

Not sure what curriculum to use, or product to buy? See, feel and touch educational products and talk to those who sell, write or create them; how cool is that?

Conference Savings and Discounts

Get ready to save money! You will find many specials and savings while meandering your way around the exhibit hall or conference area. Many exhibitors offer conference-only specials or specially-priced curriculum packages. When you order your curriculum at conferences, most often you do not have to pay shipping charges = more savings for you!

But don't feel pressure to buy just because of a conference special and don't spend on impulse. It's easy to way overspend at a homeschool conference.

Remember: There will always be opportunities to save money. Make sure the purchase fits your needs and your budget. And... a deal is never a deal if it isn't exactly what you need.

Share Your Homeschool Conference Information!

Have some handy tips to tell or want to spread the word about a homeschool conference or convention in your area?

When? What? Where? Why? How? and Who's going to be there? Give us the details please, we want to know! :) (Don't forget to come back and update any information for next year!)

OR... Maybe you are an author, publisher or homeschool business rep exhibiting at homeschool conventions across the country. Offering a conference discount? Spread the word here!

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