Homeschooling College

If you have a motivated, independent learner, homeschooling college may be an option you'll want to look into.

Homeschooling college is really no different than homeschooling high school. If your teen has been learning at home already, they have already developed many of the behaviors needed to continue their studies at home.

Contrary to what critics may think, most parents don't choose to homeschool college because they want to shelter their kids from the "real world".

While I'm sure there are some parents who do keep their kids at home to shelter them, the vast majority choose this direction for a variety of other reasons.

Some people have criticized our daughter's decision to continue her college education at home. A few have rolled their eyes when they find out what her college plans are, while others have told her she needs to get out in the real world and go to college. She will go eventually, but right now homeschooling college offers a great advantage for her and our family.

Reasons for Homeschooling College

College students choose to learn at home for a variety of reasons: it's convenient, more affordable and offers greater flexibility compared to enrolling in a traditional brick and mortar school.


Taking college courses at home provides families and students greater flexibility. Some students need to work, while others live in remote places and don't have access to affordable college classes. Some homeschooling students finish high school early and may be a bit too young to go off to college; learning at home allows them to continue their education until they are mature enough to go off on their own.

In our case, although my daughter did graduate early AND I think she is mature enough to go to college, I'm glad she chose to stay around and school at home for another year.


Choosing to learn at home and not to go to a regular brick and mortar school allows you to save money on a college education. The cost of a college education is exorbitant – ridiculous really. As of 2011, the average student graduates with 27,000 in student loans - $34,000 if you count what parents have borrowed. Our family refuses to go into unnecessary debt (besides our house) and we have taught our children to avoid debt as well.

Taking general education courses through a community college is a great way to save on college costs. You can waste money if you're not careful, though. Make sure you find out what classes/credits transfer to your school of choice before investing your time, energy and money.


Learning at home allows you to school wherever or whenever you want. You can conveniently school around work or family schedules. You will have more time for your education, for earning money, or pursuing other interests. You will not have the confines of brick and mortar schedules; with some college-at-home options, you can earn your degree as fast as you want!

Our daughter is choosing to do a year of college at home because it's more flexible and to save money. She also wants to finish her education quickly so she can do what she really wants to do in life.

What About You?

Although homeschooling college may not be for everyone, if you are concerned about college costs, want to eliminate typical college debt or need more flexibility, earning your degree, or at least part of it, at home is definitely something to look into!

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Have you gone through, or are you currently going through the college admission experience with your homeschooling high school student? Got any money or time-saving college tips?

Do you have any tips or words of wisdom for other homeschooling parents or homeschool students?

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