Overcoming Homeschooling Challenges

Homeschooling challenges can affect us all - both new and seasoned home educators. From academic problems to personal difficulties, being the full-time educator of your children (or grandchildren) often stretches you mentally, emotionally and physically!

Academic difficulties are probably the most common problems parents encounter.

Your child may struggle in an area, you try everything to help them, but nothing seems to work.

Thankfully, support groups, websites, books and individuals are available to provide answers and help for different educational roadblocks you may come across in your homeschooling journey.

Different Homeschooling Challenges

homeschooling challenges

Other types of problems and circumstances can also affect homeschooling. Some include: sickness, a physical disability, a birth or death, a financial setback, difficult family relationships or a personal trial.

Some families continue to homeschool even amidst trying times like cancer treatment or a job loss. Although some may be tempted to quit, many dedicated parents find creative ways and the inner strength needed to continue to educate their children despite these less than ideal circumstances.

Dealing with Challenges

For our family, we have experienced our share of homeschooling challenges over the years. Instead of giving up or quitting, we have found ways to continue homeschooling our children despite various trials and setbacks. Sometimes friends and family can provide support and help with daily lessons; at other times, a different curriculum or schedule adjustment is all that is needed to better meet a child's learning style or family changes.

Our most recent challenge has been trying to continue homeschooling while preparing to move from Michigan to New Hampshire. Our decision to relocate is bringing about personal, career and lifestyle changes for our family; uprooting from anywhere takes time and lots of work too. Over the past few months we have downsized, sold a business and gotten our home ready to rent.

homeschooling challenges

Continuing to Homeschool

homeschooling challenges

When life brings about significant changes, you may need to take a break from your regular homeschool schedule for a time. For us, our regular book-learning and homeschool lessons got placed on the back burner for many weeks. We just did the basics each day; there wasn't time and I didn't have the energy to keep up with our regular homeschool schedule.

However, our kids have learned so much as they have worked alongside us preparing our house, organizing our garage sale, as well as selling and packing up our belongings.

I also believe that children learn more than we think they do as they live and walk along life's path with us. It's okay to deviate from regular homeschool schedules and lessons to enjoy life, create more flexibility, or to weather life's storms – whatever they may be.

Homeschooling Challenges and Children

My children have continued to learn through this time – maybe not exactly what other kids in their grade are learning right now, but that doesn't bother me. My fourth grader loves to read and has read many classics and educational books this fall. Our five year old loves doing school on the computer; he has continued learning despite my lack of one-on-one teaching time. Our older daughter has also been a huge help. While doing her (online) college classes, she has taught 4th grade math, played games with her little brother and often moves her laptop to the kitchen table so they can all work together – somewhat quietly. :)

Keep on Keeping-on!

Although we still have not completed our move to our new home and our homeschool isn't exactly how I would like it to be, I know that this transitional time will soon be over. Homeschooling challenges, like most problems, don't disappear over night and we must resolve to not give up or become discouraged. Instead, I encourage you to make necessary adjustments, look for support or ask for help and persevere no matter how much you would rather quit. Although not always easy, homeschooling is worth it and the time our kids spend living and learning by our side is teaching them more than we may ever realize.

Share Your Challenges and Successes!

Have you overcome any homeschooling challenges? Do you have an encouraging word to share about this topic? Are you currently going through a challenging to trying time? Please share your story to find help or help others!

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More Homeschooling Challenges

Homeschool mom shares how her family continued to enjoy hassle-free homeschooling with Alpha Omega Lifepacs even when life got hectic and tough circumstances came her way.

Find Home School Support

Home school support groups provide the necessary support, encouragement and enrichment for home educators and home schooled kids to achieve home school success easily!

Support groups are not all the same... discover the wide variety and uniqueness of each before choosing a homeschool support group for your family.

A homeschool co-op offers many benefits for your homeschooling family from socialization and enrichment to leveraging your time and saving money.

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