Homeschooling Benefits: Relaxed, Individualized Learning

by Gay Adams
(Fredonia, Kansas United States)

Tired of public school pressure? Homeschool students enjoy many homeschooling benefits - including relaxed, individualized learning...

I started homeschooling my oldest three years ago when he was in the seventh grade; he is now in 9th grade. I enjoy it very much, so I started homeschooling my youngest. He was in public preschool but then I homeschooled him last year in Kindergarten and now in 1st grade.

I started homeschooling my boys because I got tired of the hurry-up pace of the public school system; they wonder why students fall behind! The teachers kept telling me his work wasn’t turned in or he's not doing this or he needs to stay after because he's behind. They started making him feel like why even try to improve?

He was hitting academic warning in Math in the public school. After more of one-on-one time and some tutoring with me and his math teacher thru the Virtual School we use, he raised it 32% to almost meeting academic requirements. I say that’s an amazing improvement and my youngest was testing at over kindergarten level.

We go through the Lawrence Virtual School here and we love it. I plan on continuing with LVS with both of my boys until the 12th grade. I would recommend Lawrence Virtual School to anyone who is thinking about homeschooling their child or children.

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