Homeschooling Benefits: More Time For Science!

by Sharina
(Fort Lauderdale, Fl.)

Fun Homeschooling Benefits

Fun Homeschooling Benefits

What are some homeschooling benefits? If you asked this inquisitive five year old, he would say more time for outdoor discovery and science!

My son is five years old and has been homeschooling since he was four when preschool didn't work out for him.

The first preschool he went to had a mean rude teacher and the second preschool he was being bullied and begged not to go back. Every morning he cried not to go to school. I told him I could be his teacher and he agreed and has been happy since.

My son loves science and does great with language arts and math, but science he can never get enough of! Because of homeschooling he has more time to do as many science lessons he wants in a day and be outdoors studying the environment. He enjoys collecting bugs and pretending to be an explorer.

Anything he finds we research what it is. Any question he has I make sure to answer him. For Christmas he begged for a microscope! His favorite book is an encyclopedia! He hates video games and says he'd rather create stuff. None of these behaviors were forced on him, they are because I allowed him to lead the way and become his own individual.

Love it, Sharina! Thanks for sharing your favorite homeschooling benefits with others. Blessings, Heather :)

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