Homeschooling Benefits Brainy Boy

by Jennifer
(Bryan, TX)

Here's another view on homeschool vs. public school. We didn't start out homeschooling. We were almost forced into it because my oldest son is too smart for his own good.

He was a full year ahead in his learning, but the public school he attended, nor the private school he attended the next year (K and 1st grade) would put him where his brain was. They said that his birthday would dictate his grade placement, and therefore what he would be "learning".

For him, school was just a babysitting service. We've thought about sending him back when he makes us crazy by not doing his work, but he got a crash course on public school kids at church camp last month.

He hated it because the kids were obnoxious. They made fun of him because of his nickname. He's a calm and sedate kid (even at almost 11). The kids at camp were bouncing off the walls. It drove him nuts! At least we won't have to spend that $200 next summer.

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