Homeschooling Benefit = Better Health

by Debbie
(Canton, Ohio)

Better Health Homeschooling Benefit

Better Health Homeschooling Benefit

Another great homeschooling benefit = better health! New home educator says her son's diabetes has improved once she took him out of public school and started homeschooling him; read her story about her first year of homeschooling her 1st grade son...

I decided to homeschool because my son has Type 1 diabetes. He was in public schools for Kindergarten and while they tried to manage it the best they could, it was not good enough for me by any means. It was too stressful to know he was at school having high or low blood sugars and hoping someone would know it then treat it correctly and promptly.

Since he is homeschooled, his blood sugars have improved greatly because he is not sitting in a chair all day, he is more active, so he has less high blood sugars. He can sleep until he needs to since we have the flexibility. He is rested and ready for his lessons then. If he has a low blood sugar we can stop and take care of it then pick up where we left off later. In public schools he missed a lot of class time when his blood sugars were high or low.

My son loves being homeschooled and I love it too. I never knew how enjoyable it would be! It's fun to be creative with what we learn and how. I said "we" because I am learning so many new things with him. We joined a homeschool group in our city so he is going to an art class with other kids and they have educational field trips plus just plain fun field trips a few times per month.

I am thinking of bringing my daughter, who is 11, home next year. I don't even know who she is anymore since she started middle school and I do not like what I see going on with Public School teachers and how the kids her age behave. She does not like the idea so wish me luck!

Debbie, thanks so much for taking the time to share
yet another homeschooling benefit = better health! I love your "we" comment about "learning so many new things with him" – I'm sure every homeschooling mom (and dad) knows exactly what you mean. I have learned so much while homeschooling my kids too!

As far as your daughter, my only advice is to not make homeschooling a punishment – because she didn't do well or her behavior is bad, etc. so the consequence is now homeschooling.

Present it to her in a positive light – share your concerns, but mostly tell her you would love to spend more time with her and you are looking forward to homeschooling her and the fun you will have together. Share some positive benefits of homeschooling that she would enjoy: perhaps not having to get up early and get out the door would be a great benefit, she might like starting school in her pj's, or being able to finish her work as fast as she wants to then focus on her interests. Homeschooling allows more time, as you know, for our children to focus on their interests or hobbies, etc.; share some positive benefits and opportunities that your daughter would appreciate.

If you know she will miss her friends, look for a homeschool support group or co-op that offers field trips and other activities for get-togethers and friendship building.

I encourage you from my experience. We took our oldest daughter out of a private school when she was in first grade for some different reasons. She was very social and I never wanted her to feel like because school didn't work out for her, that homeschooling was some how a punishment or second-rate. Anyway, she and I got talking about homeschooling, etc. last year (she has grown up and is gone from our home now) and she said she never once felt like homeschooling was a punishment.

Wishing you many blessings and happiness as you continue to homeschool,
Heather :)

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