Affordable Homeschooling and Sports Programs

Have an athletic child? Don't worry, your child can enjoy both homeschooling and sports, thankfully!

Some students may not want to school at home, because they think that they won't be able to play sports if they don't go to public school.

However, sport–loving kids no longer have to give up the opportunity of playing on teams, or participating in sports when choosing to homeschool.

With the continued growth of home-based education, you'll find many options for children of all ages, and as homeschooling continues to grow, opportunities will continue to abound.

From physical education classes to playing competitive sports, homeschoolers can participate in many of the same opportunities as public and private school students.

Homeschooling and Sports

Although some families shy away from competitive sports, there are so many benefits of playing team sports, especially when your kids get older.

If you live in a rural area, or in a community that doesn't offer much in the way of team athletics, individual sports like golf, running, biking, swimming, diving, ice skating, gymnastics, archery, skate-boarding and surfing provide great physical outlets for kids and these sports can be practiced alone.

If your student shies away from competitive or team sports, non-competitive or recreational athletic programs may be the perfect solution.

Affordable Homeschooling and Sports Options

You will find many options for sports in your community. Most cities offer a variety of individual or team sports for every age, through local recreational departments. You may also find local homeschool gym classes through your YMCA, fitness centers or homeschool groups.

If there aren't any homeschool sports programs in your area, gather-up a group of friends together and contact your local sports facilities. Inform them of the growth of homeschooling to see if they can add classes specifically for homeschoolers.

Another great option for sports and fitness classes is through local businesses. Many types of businesses have "down times" during the day – a perfect fit for homeschoolers.

Homeschooling and Sports Leagues

Some areas have well developed homeschool athletic leagues. Some leagues consist of only homeschool teams, while other teams play against schools in the area - or a mixture of both.

This past year, one of my daughters played on a homeschool basketball team. She had a great time, learned to play better and developed team skills.

Practices and games were held at local churches and private schools. A beautiful fitness center (Lifetime Fitness) even donated free gym time once a week, so our kids could practice. Parents and other professionals volunteered their time coaching and we raised funds for uniforms, so our kids looked and felt like a team.

Some folks may snicker when they think of homeschoolers playing sports, but let me tell you, some of these kids were really good. Also, many young athletes – like figure skaters, gymnasts, etc. choose to homeschool, so they can devote more time to their passion.

The best way to find a homeschool league in your area is through local support groups. Although the league my daughter joined didn't have a formal email list or website, families in our homeschool co-op spread the word to others and pretty soon we had a number of teams for both boys and girls.

Please Share!

Know of any businesses or organizations that offer homeschool sports programs and classes in your area? Please let me know, so I can tell other home educators who need a little home school help!

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