Affordable Homeschooling Activities
Are Waiting for You!

Homeschooling activities abound for your home schooling family and the best part?

They don’t have to cost that much!

Many homeschooling families go outside their home school for educational enrichment and to supplement their home education program.

Really, anything you do during the day can be considered a homeschooling activity.

Often I have my younger children help me with household chores like laundry (which I seem to never get completed!) and meal preparation.

We categorize our chores as home economics or culinary arts, two important subjects that your children should take.

If anything, all kids should know how to take care of themselves and a home – they won’t live with you forever! :)

But most often, our homeschooling activities center around what our children are learning in their studies.

Local libraries offer more than just books.

A great place to find affordable homeschooling activities for your children is at your local library. Many times the programs offered are free, so look there first. You most likely will find some interesting offerings that are perfect for home school enrichment.

Look on the library bulletin board for notices and area events. You will be surprised at what you find.

Look for your library’s catalog or magazine. I always find interesting ideas or programs that my family would love to do.

Local homeschool groups = affordable enrichment.

Your local home school support group is another great resource for educational activities in your area. Many times homeschooling families get together and create their own if the community doesn’t offer any.

For ten years, my children have taken a myriad of quality enrichment classes through our participation in a homeschool co-op. If you are not currently attending a co-op, I encourage you to check one out. You will find affordable activities, enrichment classes and support for your family.

Besides taking classes, last year my middle school aged daughter joined our co-op’s robotics team. She had a great time working with her team mates for a huge robotics competition in our area.

She not only learned team work, problem solving, science, physics, it sparked her interest in engineering.

Homeschool co-ops and support groups offer your family other affordable educational fun like field trips, park days and community projects to enrich your homeschooling endeavor, without breaking your piggy bank.

Been to church lately?

Attending a local church benefits your family in so many ways. If you don't already have a church home, I encourage you to start looking.

Involvement in a local church provides a place for growth and interaction with others, as well as time to deepen your faith or to find help and guidance when going through difficult times.

Churches also offer many classes and programs that your children can participate in to enrich their education.

My children have been involved in our Children’s choir for years. Besides learning about music, singing, harmony, and rhythm, twice a year, they put on a musical.

My children gained valuable experience in public speaking, memorization, team work, drama, set design, and more through their participation our children’s musical.

Community centers offer enrichment you can afford!

Your local parks and rec center also offers some affordable recreation for your family from enrichment classes to sports teams. Sometimes they offer classes during regular school hours, specifically for homeschooled students.

Area clubs like Boys or Girl Scouts and youth groups also make wonderful homeschool activities. There are Boy Scout troops in my area started especially for homeschool students - another great opportunity for home education enrichment and support as your family interacts with other families who home school.

Start looking around. There are many ways to create and enjoy homeschooling activities - within your family, together with friends or through an organized group.

Participating in homeschooling activities provides educational enrichment for your home learning, fun for your children, and support and encouragement for everyone!

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