Homeschooling a High School Student in Maryland

by Bev

Homeschooling High School Questions

Homeschooling High School Questions

I have some questions about homeschooling high school. I live in the state of Maryland and I have a daughter in 10th grade who attends a public school.

I was wondering what are the first steps to even start homeschooling because this year I know I want her to be homeschooled.

I also wanted to know about how much it costs for books and curricula. How do you pay for the homeschooling like per years or by month?

I know that I still have to work so is it possible to hire a teacher that would teach and if you know about how to find a teacher in MD that homeschools.

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Aug 26, 2009
Homeschooling High School Questions
by: Heather

Hi Bev,
Welcome to the wonderful world of homeschooling! Congratulations on your decision to homeschool your daughter. I know that decision isn't always the easiest to make, but it is rewarding!

When beginning the homeschool journey, it's wise to check out the homeschool laws for your state. Although homeschooling is legal in every state in the US, there are certain requirements you may have to fulfill. For example, in some states you may need to register, etc. but in others you don't.

Here is information on the Maryland homeschooling laws. You have three options to choose from.

There are many ways you could homeschool your daughter. Since she is older, she can learn more independently than a younger student.

Because you work, choosing an umbrella school may a good option for you.

The cost of homeschooling and payments, etc. depend on the homeschool curriculum and resources you choose.

If you reply and let me know if you are looking for religious or non-religious curriculum (or if it matters) I can recommend some options for you.

I would also look for a homeschool support group in your area as well. Many times they have contacts to area tutors and teachers who work with homeschooled students or some groups offer homeschool classes - another good option for you. Your daughter can take classes through a homeschool group and then you would oversee her day-to-day work.


Apr 21, 2010
i need
by: Anonymous

im in the ninth and i want to be homeschooled how do i go about this process. e-mail me at

Apr 19, 2011
I need information
by: Sabrina

I'm in the 9th grade and I have the worst time in school. I'm ahead in ALL of my subjects but the school won't allow me to take advanced courses. I feel like a non-religious homeschooling system would fit me better. Please send me information about what my options would be at

Jun 09, 2011
Homeschooling a 13 year
by: Lynette


I'm very interested in my 13 year-old son being homeschooled. I'm located in Maryland and I have several questions:

1. Are there Homeschooling locations where children can go to be homeschooled? I work fulltime and will not be able to independently homeschool him myself.

2. Is it possible for me to oversee his homeschooling from work? Is it smart to attempt this?

3. How would I get started?

Any other information you can provide for me, please feel free to forward.

Thank You!

Lynette L. Harper

Jun 12, 2011
Homeschooling a 13 Year Old Questions
by: Heather

Hi Lynette,

1. Are there Homeschooling locations where children can go to be homeschooled?

Yes. Many areas have homeschool enrichment programs or co-ops where students can take classes taught by other homeschool parents or qualified professionals. Programs like this usually meet once a week and students use the remaining week to work on assignments and homework independently.

2. Is it possible for me to oversee his homeschooling from work? Is it smart to attempt this?

Many parents work and homeschool their children at the same time. Although more difficult, it can be done. As a homeschooling family you can homeschool around your work schedule. Parents who work during the day, homeschool their children at night, early in the morning, afternoon and on the weekends.

There are many curriculum options you can choose that would make homeschooling while working full time a little easier. Online curriculum or programs are convenient as your son can do his school from anywhere there is an internet connections.

The Switched-on Schoolhouse program is popular among busy homeschooling families. Your son would work independently and you would over see his work.

You can also enroll in online or umbrella academies; many offer additional services like teacher support, transcripts, record keeping, etc.

Other easy-to-use curriculum options are:
Alpha Omega LifePac Curriculum – self-teaching Christian curriculum that doesn’t rely on a parent teaching the lessons each day. Your son could complete lessons on his own. You oversee and check his work/tests and provide assistance when needed.
K12 is a popular secular or non-religious curriculum.
Robinson Curriculum would be another affordable and good choice to look at.

3. How would I get started?

Before you begin homeschooling, make sure you are familiar with the Maryland homeschool laws. You do have to register with your school district. You will need to contact them to request a "Notice of Consent" form to fill out.

Hope this helps!
Heather :)

Oct 24, 2011
please get back to me as soon as possible
by: tiiona b.

hi, im in 11th grade and my sister is in the 9th and were considering being homeschooled. I just want to know how can I get in touch with a homeschooling teacher because my mom works and she cant do it herself. ?? reach me at

Jun 26, 2012
Playing sports while being homeschooled in high school?
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm going to be in 12th grade and I wanted to start homeschooling. My younger siblings have been homeschooled for several years. My big objection is that I would miss my sports, field hockey and lacrosse. My siblings have all done soccer and swimming, but I'm uninterested and I also feel that I'm too old to start. Is there any way that I could continue with those while being homeschooled? Or could it count for PE if I enrolled in Zumba classes or something? Thanks, and if you can, please email me at

Mar 08, 2013
by: Anonymous

Need information on homeschooling. Please email me with more information like number, classes, etc... Thank you! My email is

Sep 02, 2015
Need help NEW
by: Theresa

Looking for a free non-religious customizable curriculum for my autistic son. He is in several different grade levels with his skills. If you could point me in the right direction that would be great!

Oct 16, 2015
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