Homeschool Young Entrepreneurs Training

by Ligia Buzan
(Boston, MA)

Given the global environment that we live in, formal classroom learning is becoming a smaller percentage of the total learning of young people. We envision KidzBusiness as a "learning playground" where young entrepreneurs' creativity and love of games are directed into new ventures and into the creation of wealth for families and communities.

Our students are engaged in real-life projects with social and economic implications, where they learn how to create solutions that serve their communities and the world. We encourage young entrepreneurs to move the learning from the classroom into real life projects, and for viable projects we offer expertise and financial support.

We offer a variety of leadership and entrepreneurship courses and training online. In all our programs, kids and teens have expert guidance to help them explore their talents, and to help them learn business skills (finance, marketing, sales, creating websites and webcasts, online TV, writing like pros, etc).

KidzBusiness is active in engaging different communities to come together and support the young to become resilient, resourceful people who know how to create wealth.


Ligia Buzan, Ph.D.
KidzBusiness Founder

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