Save Time and Money
With Homeschool Unit Studies

Homeschool unit studies offer an experiential, hands-on approach to education and provide a cost-effective option for families looking to homeschool multiple children.

Referred to as a multi-disciplinary or a thematic approach, homeschool unit studies integrate several or all subjects around a central theme.

Students spend a considerable amount of time learning about a topic that interests them.

All subjects blend together and relate to each other, as opposed to the traditional textbook method, where subjects are learned independently.

An in-depth and broad understanding of subjects that revolve around a main theme, can help students learn and remember information better than traditional methods.

Besides helping your children learn easier, you will discover many additional benefits to using unit studies in your home school.

Mastery of Material

Unit studies allow children the necessary time needed to think, experiment, explore and discover topics at their own pace, in their own unique learning style.

The in-depth study of topics helps students gain mastery and retain material learned.

Maximizes Your Time

Homeschooling unit studies help you to save time by allowing you to teach multi-aged children at once.

Your work load decreases because you will teach your children at the same time. Teaching the same lesson, reduces preparation time. No longer will you need to prepare a myriad of lessons on different subjects, for each child in a different grade.

For example, instead of teaching multiple science lessons on different topics, you will teach the same science lesson (modified a bit) to all your children.

If you like more organization or have time restrictions, look for a preplanned unit study with day by day instructions and supplies list.

Following a ready made, step-by-step unit study reduces planning time. Having a list with needed supplies eliminates wasted time and frustration. You will know exactly what you need, and when.

Strengthens Family

Family bonds increase, as children learn and work together.

As older children help or guide younger children, they learn patience, communication skills and strengthen relationships. Concepts are also reinforced as they teach others what they are learning.

Creates Cohesion

Consistency and cohesion occur as your family learns about the same topics at the same time. Your school room becomes less scattered and your time, better focused.

Lessons are no longer fragmented or independent of each other. As you work through units together, your home school will have a central theme that ties everyone and every subject together.

Affordable and Cost-effective

Purchase one curriculum for your whole family or create your own unit studies and save even more.

Some homeschool unit studies cover specific grades or age groups, and others can be adapted to any grade level or child in K-12. You can also find a variety of free unit studies online or through your local library.

Many times you can find available resources, material, boxes, and other usable items around your home. You can also acquire necessary materials and supplies through thrift stores or from your backyard. Often, we have used left-over building supplies from home remodeling projects or found recyclable materials in the garbage.

Increases Interest in Learning

Creative, hands-on projects and activities make learning fun. School becomes more fun when children discover through their own natural way of learning.

Children aren't confined to desks, workbooks or one home schooling textbook, or one learning style. Instead they experience learning through a process that integrates all disciplines including history, math, geography, art, bible, music, home school science, language, literature, writing, creative movement and drama.

If you are studying about the American Revolution, you can study the life of the colonists, what they ate, how they lived and what was happening in the world at that time.

You can read books about colonial children, write a play, make colonial costumes, go to the museum, and make a map of their route to America.

When it comes to teaching using homeschool unit studies, the ideas are really endless.

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