Homeschool Transcripts for Public School Question

by Lisa K. Miller
(Fort Stewart, GA)

I have homeschooled my 17 year old and 14 year old this past year for the first time ever. They want to attend Public High School next year, do I need to make transcripts for the new school and how do I do that. I tried to download yours however, I guess I do not have the program I need to download it. If you can ease my mind I would truly appreciate your help.

Thank you,

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for posting your homeschool transcript questions. The answer to your first question is: Yes and No! :)

Depending on where you live, you may need to make transcripts for your kids when enrolling them in public school. However, my daughter went to public high school for one year (9th grade) and I did not give the school a transcript. The school also did not ask for one either, perhaps because she was just starting high school without any high school credits, instead of enrolling with already completed high school credits.

If the school had required a transcript, or if I was enrolling her with already completed high school credits, I would have made a transcript for her.

I think for your 17yo, you will definitely want to bring a transcript, so they have a record of all completed courses and credits earned. You wouldn't want your teen to have to repeat anything already taken at home.

(Our public high school was also very helpful in placing her where she needed to be and allowed her to skip some classes because of her strengths in certain areas. Interestingly, our 8th grade homeschool curriculum equaled 9th grade in the public school.)

It's easy to make a transcript.

First, you will download the free template from our site. If you do not have a program on your computer that can open an .xls file (spreadsheet), you can download a free program from

Next, you will enter in all your student's courses and grades, etc. for each year. Include all credits earned from any other schools, as well as your home school. (If you are re-enrolling your 17yo in the same school after homeschooling for a year, I don't think you need to include all the courses from the previous public school years - the school would still have record of them, just list the ones taken at home.)

You will need to customize the "header" - the area at the top, with your school name, address, etc. Visit our Do-It-Yourself transcript template page for some additional help and other FAQ's.

Print it out and mail it with your forms or take it with you if you need to meet personally with someone. You will look so professional and official (because you are!) when you meet with the school's admissions personnel. :)

Let me know how it goes! Many blessings to you, Lisa.

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