Money-Saving Homeschool Transcript Ideas

Wondering what to include on your student’s homeschool transcript?

Add some general education college courses to your homeschool program to give your student the needed advantage when pursuing a college education.

With the college costs steadily rising each year, a college degree may soon be out of reach for some students.

Take some time now, while your children are working on their high school diploma, to plan the path for their college degree.

Planning helps you save time and money.

Benefits of Homeschooling High School.

Homeschooling provides additional benefits for high school students who want to jump-start their college career.

Many states allow students to earn college and high school credit at the same time, called dual-credit. Include these courses on your student's homeschool transcript.

Even if your student doesn't receive dual credit for college courses taken during high school, it will look good on their college applications.

College courses taken by your student during high school proves to the college admissions personnel that your student can handle college level courses.

Save on General Education Courses.

Most college bachelor degrees require general education courses, which can be taken and transferred from almost anywhere.

Save on college expenses, by taking general education courses either at a community college, or save further by earning credit by examination.

Four-Year vs Community College Costs.

Did you know the average annual tuition at a public four-year college or university was $6,185 for the 2007/2008 school year, but only $2,361 – sixty-two percent cheaper, at a community college for the same year?

Transferring College Credit.

Every school has its own transfer and general education requirements, so check with both schools about transfer compatibility.

Below are some examples of classes in common subjects that should easily transfer from a community college to a four-year school.

I found these examples while reading brass, a magazine written for young adults and sponsored by our Community Choice Credit Union. I think you will find this helpful when considering college costs and how courses transfer from community college to four-year institutions.

A word about credit by examination...
Credit by Examination courses transfer in much the same way, and provides even more savings for your family!

Ten College Credits to Transfer.

Math 107 at Bellevue Community College fulfills a math requirement at Washington State University.

ENC 1101 at Florida Community College at Jacksonville fulfills a communication requirement at the University of Florida.

ECON 2301 at Austin Community College fulfills a behavioral science requirement at the University of Texas at Austin.

English Literature
ENGL 1A at Barstow Community College fulfills an English requirement at any of the University California campuses.

General Biology
BIO 110 at Borough of Manhattan Community College fulfills a biology requirement for several City University of New York-affiliated schools.

US History
HIST 1617 at Rochester Community and Technical College fulfills a history requirement at the University of Wisconsin-La Cross.

Political Science
POLSC 2103 at Oklahoma City Community College fulfills a political science requirement at the University of Oklahoma.

As well as... Sociology, Speech and Philosophy.

You get the picture... most general education courses transfer easily to four-year colleges.

Addtional Benefits...

Always check with admissions counselors, to avoid any surprises or disappointment. Remember though, all is not lost even if courses do not transfer. When your child takes college courses while still in high school, they are learning far more than knowledge.

College-level courses cultivate diligence, good work ethic, responsibility and may give their homeschool transcript the needed boost to stand above thousands of other applying students.

Save Money AND Accelerate Your Homeschool Education...

Homeschooling teens can save 50-80% on college tuition costs while earning their high school homeschool diplomas!

Homeschool Transcript Tips...

Learn how to easily create professional homeschool transcripts for your homeschooling student's college applications.

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