Homeschool Transcript Template Thank You

by Treva K.
(Madera, Ca)

Thanks for the Homeschool Transcript Template!

Thanks for the Homeschool Transcript Template!

I wanted to thank you for including your homeschool transcript template on your website. I homeschool my ninth and tenth grader. I have not made a high school transcript yet for my tenth grader let alone my ninth grader. Your template took a HUGE load off of my shoulders. Also we applied for a home school foundation grant and got it.

The problem is I miscalculated the amount we needed. I am almost $300 short for their school year. I forgot about Science and Art. Do you know of another grant or a way we can get help? We are not apart of a group right now because we cant afford the $50 membership fee right now.

Thanks for any advice you might have, as well as the homeschool transcript template. The template is truly a life saver.


Hi Treva!
Try Hippocampus for free high school Science courses and I am sure you can find some easy-to use art resources and how-to books at your library. You could read about/study different artists and their works, etc. and then your teens can create art projects based on what they learn.

Don't worry too much about not having time to create a transcript for your kids yet. Take some time with your tenth grader time to go back and add the courses and activities from last year. As your children complete classes this year continue to update the transcript.

You can also make a file either on your computer, or use a manila file folder and add samples of some of their work, projects and essays to create a portfolio in case you need it for college.

A friend of mine had to submit a syllabus for the courses her daughter took at home when they applied to one college. Print out or save a copy (include the textbook/books used) and keep it with your teens' transcripts/portfolio information just in case you need it.

Hope this helps!
Heather :)

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