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by Sharon

International homeschooling mom asks a homeschool to public school question...

Hi! I have been home schooling my children for the past few years, as we are not in the US at the moment. Now the issue is I do want to return to our home NYC some time in the future, and I do not know how to handle that being I will have no transcripts for my children. How can I handle this? Will it be an issue for them to be placed in the proper grade for their age?

Hi Sharon,
According to NYC enrollment regulations, enrolling students need to bring a transcript, IF available. For your children specifically, the regulation states: "If a student who has been educated outside of the United States appears without educational records, the student will be registered in an appropriate elementary, middle, or high school based on the student's age."

It looks like it won't be a problem and that your children will be enrolled in "the proper grade for their age." If, for some reason that grade isn't the best fit for them, regulations state that school officials (superintendent, or other) will determine the best grade for your child. (I'm not sure if they evaluate by testing, or other.) Check out this NYC Department of Education document for more info.

If you would rather enroll them with the proper documentation, you could create a transcript quite easily for them. You would need to include:
The student name, subjects/courses and grades for each semester/term, as well as the final grade they received for the year. I would also include the number of days of instruction.

For example:
Your Home School Name
Address/Contact Info
Students Name:
Grade: 6 Year: 2012/2013
Subject Name: Semester 1 Semester 2 Average
Language Arts B+ A- A-
Days of Instruction: 180
Continue for each subject/course. Include any standardized tests, etc. and results, if applicable.

At the bottom, include:
Your Name and Signature
Home Educator

I hope this helps you Sharon! If you need anything else, please let me know.

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Dec 21, 2012
on line school NEW
by: Anonymous

We are in Indiana. We homeschooled our son for a couple years then signed him up for an online public high school. Since I didn't have a transcript from a school, they had him take a short assessment for English and math. He seemed to be on track so they placed him in his proper grade.
Being a homeschool educator has given me an advantage. I know what my rights are as a parent and my son's rights as a student because of doing the research. Having this knowledge is something you want to keep in your corner in case of any problems that may arise in the future. Especially if we choose to go to a brick and mortar school.

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