Save Money on Homeschool Textbooks!

Although homeschool textbooks are shunned by some home educators, they do provide convenience and familiarity for busy parents who want to school their children at home.

Many families do find success with textbooks, however, sometimes textbooks and homeschooling don't work well together.

When schooling your children at home, you may like the freedom to be a little more flexible than the typical textbook allows.

Also, many children do not learn well from textbooks. Younger children especially may find them dry and boring.

Some other textbook tribulations:

Their Weight

Textbooks are heavy. If your family schools on-the-go, having to bring multiple textbooks along isn't easy. Although it is convenient to have everything you need in one book, carrying around lots of textbooks is exhausting.

Their Size

The sheer size of a textbook can be overwhelming for a child. If your child knows that they have to complete the textbook in order to pass their grade, they may feel discouraged when seeing such a large volume of information.

If your family is on the road a lot, textbooks also take up additional space in your vehicle, which you may not have available.

However, don't throw all your homeschool textbooks out with the baby's bathwater!

Textbook Benefits

For some courses, especially high school level subjects, textbooks provide a systematic, broad, and convenient way to package an entire grade level.

Textbooks usually start off easier at the beginning and progressively get harder for subjects like math, language arts, etc., or are written in chronological order, for subjects like history.

Although a textbook may not provide as in-depth of a study as you would like, you can always use your text as a guide for further study.

For example...

The curriculum we use for Language Arts only highlights or overviews certain selections of popular or classic literature, without having the student read the entire book. In some cases this is fine, but knowing about and actually reading a book in its entirety are two very different things.

So, sometimes we take a bit longer to go through a course because my children read the books, instead of just reading a portion of the book highlighted in their curriculum.

Try Before You Buy

When looking for a textbook for your student, you will come across a variety from different publishers. You will find some textbooks really confusing to use, but not know it until after you buy it.

You can eliminate some frustration by attending a homeschool curriculum fair, asking fellow homeschoolers for their feedback, or actually downloading sample lessons from the publisher's website.

Home-Use Modification

Look for textbooks modified for home use.

Many publishers do provide homeschool textbooks specifically for home educating families and others publish homeschool versions of textbooks that regular schools use.

Personally, I like to purchase curriculum from publishers who understand home education, know the needs of homeschooling parents and are familiar with the unique learn-at-home environment.

Homeschool Textbook Savings

You can save loads of money by purchasing used curriculum for your family. Local homeschool groups provide many ways – from used curriculum fairs to email loops, to help you find good used curriculum and materials, usually sold by other homeschooling families.

You will also find lots of new and used homeschool materials online through sites like eBay and Amazon.

These sites are particularly good because they are easy to navigate, familiar to most and because of their ability to attract a large volume of sellers, you will find competitive pricing.

I did a quick search at Amazon and found many popular homeschool titles from Saxon Math to Apologia Science, to benefit your family... and your pocketbook.

Navigating Amazon for Homeschool Textbooks

To easily find what you are looking for, you can search Amazon by Title, Author or ISBN number.

I also found the top search box easy to use.

From the drop-down menu, I chose Textbooks (if you don't see that option, choose "Books" and then from the same menu bar, you will find the sub-category "New and Used Textbooks").

In the next search box field I typed the author "John H. Saxon Jr.". You can also enter Saxon Math" and you may find additional items. Remember: Sometimes items are listed differently.

When looking for Apologia Science curriculum, I just typed "Apologia science" and lots of items came up.

Now, go... Find some homeschool textbook savings at Amazon and stretch your homeschool dollar further!

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