Homeschool Supplies and Utensil Caddy

by Sandy
(Wasilla, Alaska USA)

Tired of lost and missing homeschool supplies?

Tired of lost and missing homeschool supplies?

Stop the excuses, clutter and lost homeschool supplies with a simple, cost-effect and proven homeschool organization solution!

I have a busy homeschool schedule teaching multiple grades so every minute counts for us.

I came up with this idea after getting tired of waiting for students to get the scissors or hearing the excuse, "I can't find my pencil."

I bought a plastic caddy with a handle in the center. Some people use these caddies to carry cleaning supplies around in or gardening tools. They have many uses.

I then purchased six, one-quart square plastic freezer boxes. The kind you would freeze strawberries in. Tall yogurt or cottage cheese containers work too, but don't fit together as nicely as the square ones do.

I simply put three containers on each side leaving an open space on the ends for larger items such as bottles of glue, trays of paint, etc. In the six squares I separate the markers, crayons, colored pencils, pens, pencils and scissors.

What makes this caddy so wonderful is that it can travel around the house to whatever room you go to or even in the car.

I have successfully used this caddy for twenty years and I'm still pleased with it.

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