Simple Solution for
Homeschool Spelling Success!

Your homeschool spelling program may be your child’s ticket to future job success.

Did you know that poor spelling lowers a student's grades, affects self-confidence as well as job performance?

An eighty-year-old man recently revealed the one thing that held him back all his life was his poor spelling!

Imagine that! Poor spelling can inhibit our success in life!

Poor spellers often lack confidence and feel overly self-conscience.

Often they become withdrawn, or anxious in situations where they need to write.

Many times a student avoids situations where others will discover his weakness.

Homeschool spelling struggles lower self-image.

A child who struggles with spelling may not want to:

  • Write sentences or stories.
  • Volunteer to write on the board during a homeschool enrichment class.
  • Try new experiences.
  • Participate in group activities.
  • Show his work to others.

Poor spelling affects more than grades.

Just because you are a poor speller, does not mean that you are dumb.

Some of the smartest and brightest people are poor spellers; however spelling difficulties can limit ones success and opportunities in life.

A successful computer programmer I know, who struggled with spelling throughout his life, knows first hand that spelling struggles don't end once school's done.

Once graduating college, he began to see his poor spelling affect his job performance. Although he would find different ways to make up for his inability to spell, he experienced much stress and headache.

While working as a programming consultant, he was often required to give presentations in rooms full of co-workers, professionals and customers.

He became terrified to write on a white board for fear of spelling something wrong, embarrassing himself and his company. This paralyzing fear caused him to take drastic measures.

You benefit from my friend's spelling struggles.

I believe that everything happens to us for a reason. Thankfully, my friend’s extreme spelling problems did not make him give up and quit. Instead he became inspired to help others who also struggle with spelling.

Because of his personal spelling problems, he went on to create a leading spelling software program that guarantees improved spelling proficiency.

How do you spell homeschool spelling success?

S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G... M-A-D-E... S-I-M-P-L-E!

Hiring a spelling tutor can cost you hundreds a dollars per year. Dictating words to your children can use up your limited time.

Busy professionals and parents need a solution that is effective and affordable.

Spelling Made Simple is like having your own homeschool spelling tutor or teaching assistant - for life, at a fraction of the cost!

Students struggling with spelling find success with Spelling Made Simple with as little as ten minutes a day. Often, no other program worked, but using Spelling Made Simple once a night, was the simple solution.

Spelling Made Simple also benefits students and adults who want to increase their spelling proficiency for school or work.

Spelling Made Simple is the perfect homeschool spelling solution for anyone of any age. It works easily with all homeschool teaching methods from homeschool unit studies, to traditional accredited homeschooling curriculum.

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