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Want your child to learn a second language? Not sure if you should add homeschool Spanish, French or some other foreign language to your already busy homeschooling schedule?

Beth Butler, an experienced educator shares some tips on the benefits of learning Spanish as a second language and when to begin homeschool Spanish lessons with your child.

Why Choose Spanish Above Other Languages?

Today's savvy parents realize the importance of being bilingual. They often struggle with what language they should choose to introduce to their family. Let's explore why Spanish is still the most requested language program in the United States.

Benefits of Learning Spanish

Here are some fun stats to bank away for future homeschooling convention conversation:

  • More than 28 million people in our country speak Spanish as their native language.
  • Learning Spanish opens up the door of communication with more than 350 million people worldwide.
  • Adults who enjoyed being bilingual for a majority of their lives enjoy a four-year delay of the onset of dementia and dementia like symptoms.
  • Should a parent begin to introduce a second language to their young child before the age of five, that child will exhibit early reading skills.

The list goes on and on. Yes, you could choose Latin. I do encourage you to really think about what second language your children will really have the opportunity to use as they live in your community.

Easily Learn Additional Languages

Spanish is a Romance Language so the acquisition of this new language allows your child to more easily learn any of the other Romance Languages later in life.

The latest research suggests that starting early is best. The experts agree that it is just as easy for a baby to learn two words for one item as it is to learn one word for that same item. That little baby hearing the word bread can easily listen to and learn pan (pahn) as he stares at the loaf of freshly baked bread.

Homeschool Spanish Fun

homeschool spanish

Here is where the fun part comes in for parents. You know your toddler is absorbing everything around her like a sponge. You have experienced your preschooler having an incredible memory for even complex lyrics to songs or sequences in his favorite book.

Now all you need to do is take that innate sense of curiosity, that window of opportunity for language learning that we all know exists between birth and ten, and that amazing cognitive development spurt that occurs during the first five years of life and mold your child into a global child who in turn evolves into a global citizen.

Parents can make this happen!

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