Homeschool Science Curriculum:
Hassle-free Preparation

Kids love science! Hassle-free homeschool science curriculum can add fun, enrichment and organization to your home school day.

By nature, kids are inquisitive, but over the years I have struggled with providing a well-rounded science experience.

Book knowledge was easy, writing papers and doing projects wasn't hard, but hands on experiments?

I received a failing grade!

It always seemed like I never had everything we needed to perform an experiment.

I was always missing something.

Many times... okay, almost always, we would move on and miss out on the practical and fun observation of science concepts.

Through my disorganization and lack of planning, I was also showing my children how to fail. My haphazard method of science didn't display the important character qualities I want them to posses, to live life successfully.

Careful Planning Eliminates Surprises

Having a complete homeschool science curriculum program helped me become more prepared, saving me valuable time and eliminating any surprises!

To minimize frustration and wasted time, look for curriculum that provides a materials list, so you will know everything you need. You may need to purchase some hard to find items or realize you need expensive equipment.

With the materials list that is provided, you will know exactly what is needed for each lesson and can purchase everything for the entire course, a head of time!

When experiment time comes, your children will have everything they need to complete their required projects quickly and easily, without wasting valuable time or skipping lessons.

I organize and label all our home school experiments supplies in a box and my children know exactly where to go when experiments come up.

More Fun, Less Preparation

When deciding whether or not to purchase a complete homeschool science curriculum or to just design your own custom made course, it's important to consider preparation time and prior knowledge needed for lessons.

Creating interesting, age appropriate lessons that present concepts in an easy to understand, concise manner, takes some time and careful planning, especially if you need to refresh your memory.

Making a list and finding all the different items needed to do experiments also takes some additional time, especially if a substance is not readily available where you normally shop. You may need PTC strips that are hard to find (trust me!) or other chemicals that are only available through a few specialty stores or select merchants.

Saves Time and Money!

Purchasing a ready-made home school science kit is also a great way to save time and money!

I remember one year needing pea seeds for a unit on recessive and dominant genes. I either had forgotten to order them when I purchased our science supplies or knowing me, I thought I could just get them at our local gardening center.

I probably could have purchased them through a local supplier in early spring, however it was in the beginning of winter when we needed them and no one sells seeds in winter, in Michigan!

After searching every store in the area for pea seeds, I gave up and we ended up not doing the experiment until the next time I ordered our science supplies.

Homeschool Friendly Science

Look for homeschool science curriculum with experiments that you can do easily at home, in your kitchen.

Some science programs tailor the experiments for home use, using readily available household products and objects, without the need for fancy equipment like bunsen burners or test tubes (although your kids will love using official science equipment)!

However you choose to incorporate science into your homeschool room, depends on you, your family, your preferred teaching method and available time.

Whether you spend time creating lessons yourself, use homeschool unit studies or purchase an accredited homeschooling package, give science the attention that it deserves.

Spending adequate time studying science and reinforcing concepts is necessary and important.

With proper preparation, a little planning and a few creative homeschooling ideas, your family will be ready to embark on the wonderful world of science through hands-on discovery.

Invest some time and a little money to have available tools and good resources on hand. You will discover... you can teach homeschool science successfully!

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