Homeschool Scheduling Help!

by Haley

Homeschool Scheduling Difficulties

Homeschool Scheduling Difficulties

New homeschooling mom needs some help with homeschool scheduling... please share what your typical day looks like.

How do I start my daughters schedule! I have no idea how. And honestly this website doesn't offer much help in that area that I have seen!

Hi Haley!
Congratulations on your decision to homeschool your daughter. I am sorry you haven't found the information you are looking for. I have two printable homeschool schedules that you can download and modify for your daughter.

Homeschool scheduling varies from family to family. Some families keep a more structured schedule like a traditional school and other families are very relaxed in their homeschool scheduling. Feel free to ask additional questions so I know exactly what you need help with.

Our typical homeschool day looks something like this:

My teens usually start around 7am so they can get a couple classes done before my younger children get up and/or before breakfast.

My kids are usually all dressed, chores done, and beds made before we eat in the morning. If I'm not quite ready with breakfast, my 7yo does her handwriting.

At breakfast we do a Language Arts lesson together with my seven year old while my three year old is busy eating (and listening).

After breakfast my kids clean up the kitchen, brush their teeth and get ready for school.

We then meet together for our family Bible time around 9am. (My teens also have their own Bible course, but we spend some time together as a family. I aim our reading/discussion for my younger two, but its always applicable for everyone.)

Next, I often read our unit study read-aloud with my younger daughter since we are already in our living room; my young son plays or listens while we read.

I then do a Math lesson with my 7yo while my 3yo does "his school" (puzzles, etc). It takes me about an hour to complete a thorough math lesson with my daughter.

My teens continue on with their courses while I am doing my daughter's lessons - I am flexible with the length of my teens classes. They know how much work they need to do per day to complete the course in the required time. They also take breaks to play with my preschooler and keep him busy while I am finishing lessons with my daughter.

Some curriculum will also help you with your homeschool scheduling by provide you with a sample schedule.

Typically upper level classes are 45 minutes to an hour or so, but if your daughter gets done earlier, let her move on to the next subject. My teens will often begin working on the next lesson or days work if they finish too quickly.

My kids (sometimes all of them, mostly just the younger two) will take a break after my 7yo finishes her math.

Before lunch, I will read history/science books from our unit study with my 7yo. After lunch my preschooler USUALLY takes a nap :) and my daughter and I work on her lapbook together.

She then has quiet reading time and will finish up any work from the morning.

When it comes to homeschool scheduling, make sure you don't make your schedule to rigid so you can be flexible and have time to take advantage of unplanned teachable moments or other educational opportunities.

I like my kids to do subjects that require more concentration (math) when they are more alert in the morning.

When I just had two, I taught both of my girls together. We would go over a lesson and then they would and work on the assignment. We would meet again for the next subject and then they would work on their projects and assignments, etc. Sometimes I would cover a couple subjects at once (easy to do with unit studies) and then they could choose what they wanted to work on first. We did Bible, Language Arts, Science, History/Geography, Math, Fine Arts and typing each day. If we kept moving, we could get everything done before lunch. Most of the time we would finish up after though. Math usually took the longest time.

I hope this helps you or gives you some guidance as you create a homeschool schedule that works for your family.

If you have any other scheduling questions, feel free to post them below.

Would you like to leave a comment, share your family's schedule with us or write your own homeschool scheduling tip? Use the links below...

(For tips and stories, you can also use the homeschool organizing submission form. Kaley's correct! I need some sample schedules so new home educators can see what other families' days look like and begin to create a schedule that works for their family. Please post yours. Thanks! :)

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Aug 11, 2010
The Relaxed Homeschool Schedule
by: Anonymous

Our day is apparently not the typical one, but it works for our family.

Kids get up about 8am. We have some 'veg-out' time and eat breakfast. By then they are awake and able to function! After breakfast we take about 20 minutes for showers, teeth, etc.

Before we start any actual school work, we have some time for devotions. From there, my highschoolers look at what they have to do for the day and pick where they're going to start. They work at their own pace on their school work while I answer questions, teach the other one a lesson, or otherwise handle my daily responsibilities. We break for lunch about 11:30. If there aren't any outside activities that day, lunch can last an hour! Otherwise we finish our work for the day before we have to go. I do take this into consideration when I plan their work load. No need to tackle every subject every day - prioritize! For example, math and history are every day, while health may be 2 or 3 days a week.

Don't expect to 'get it right' the first time. Try it, see if it works. If it does, great! If not, change it. You won't hurt your kids by experimenting to find their ideal learning conditions.

Aug 11, 2010
by: Anonymous

First I would say know your child. She may be a morning person or maybe more of an afternoon person. If she stays up late you may want to schedule your start time later in the day. I have 2 kids ages 6 and 8 and we get up around 7:30 and cuddle in my bed and usually read a story, or sometimes just talk, play games whatever. Then we eat breakfast and I let the kids play for about an hour. School starts between 9 and 9:30 depending when everyone has settled down. We work until 12-12:30 have lunch and I let them play for another hour or so. Afternoon usually consist of one additional lesson and by 2 or 2:30 we are done. My kids need short lessons and lots of down time or they won't focus. Short burst of work are better then long drawn out "teaching" for mine. Good luck and remember however you start may not be how it ends up. Both of you will need time to sort it all out. take a deep breathe and RELAX -- hard to do but the best advice I can give up

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