Basic Homeschool Room Necessities

When setting up your homeschool room, your mind is in the express lane, thinking up ways to enhance your children’s learning.

Paper, pencils, art tools, encyclopedias, atlases, globes, maps, charts and a human-sized skeleton are probably on your ever-growing home school material list as you begin to accessorize your high-tech home school room. :)

Before you start buying supplies, think about what you really need in order to spend wisely and reduce your home schooling costs.

Remember: Most new home educators spend way to much when beginning to homeschool. Be patient. Once you homeschool for awhile, you will discover additional items that are useful or helpful when educating your child.

Over the years, items have come and gone from our homeschooling area.

The absolute basic necessities that you will need to have available, to home school your child easily are:

  • writing utensils
  • paper (lined, construction, etc.)
  • crayons/colored pencils/markers
  • a ruler
  • erasers
  • glue
  • tape
  • quality pencil sharpener
  • stapler
  • file folders (for organizing and/or lapbooking)
  • binder/s (and dividers to divide subjects)
  • notebook/s
  • organizing system – file cabinet or milkcrate and bins to organize multiple children
  • shelf
  • table or desk for your children
  • comfortable chair/s
  • library card - your ticket to low-cost homeschooling!
  • a smile (my kids included that one!) :)

Other helpful items are:
  • a calculator - depending on the grade
  • a computer
  • internet connection
  • encyclopedia/set - for quick reference

During July and August, you will find huge back-to-school sales at many local retail stores. Wait and take the opportunity then, to stock-up on these needed supplies. If money allows, buy a bit extra to have on hand, all year long.

Ok, if I must... :)

I know you are curious and want to know what my homeschool room looks like, right? It's nothing big. We use our kitchen table and family room.

When we made our kitchen island, we also included an antique desk, so the kids can work at the computer while I monitor from my usual station... in the kitchen cooking! :)

To my kids disappointment, nothing much get past mom's roving eye. I pretty much have a clear shot of everyone, no matter where they are.

homeschool room

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