Homeschool Review: Teaching Textbooks Math/Switched on Schoolhouse Curriculum/Virtual Nerd

by Rachael
(Harwich , MA)

New home educator shares why she choose Teaching Textbooks Math, Switched on Schoolhouse curriculum and Virtual Nerd for her family's first year of homeschooling. Read her review...

We are first time homeschoolers and have started logging hours this summer. Our kids are entering 7th and 4th grade. Our 4th grade son choose to get off the Wii to do Teaching Textbooks math! He is doing 5th grade math as teaching textbooks is behind where his school was, and he will probably go to 6th grade TT in about 4 months at the rate he is going. That's ok, because you can just keep advancing your child once they master the level they are on.

The resale value of TT is very high. Each and every problem is explained if needed so this curriculum really does teach your kid and free phone tutoring is provided. If you buy new from TT direct and find that the level is too easy or hard they will swap you for what you need within 30 days.

For an online temporary math tutor for older kids Virtual Nerd is amazing! it is expensive, but an HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) membership gets you 50% off. I understood math concepts I hadn't understood or done in 27 years!

We are using Switched on Schoolhouse by Alpha and Omega Publications for everything else (cd based). They each have their own laptops which are secure and only allow the websites that I key in, we have bsecure as an internet filter. It was a pain enabling every web link for each child, but worth it for their safety and not having distractions. I did key in other edu. sites as well as Focus on the Family and also -entertaining science stories, creationist based, etc.

I love the neat little package that SOS provides, tracking hours/days/grading 85% automatically/report cards/ set assignment due dates etc. automatically. No clutter..YAY! The only textbooks are literature books. I am thrilled that I can customize the curriculum and make it "ours", adding subjects and projects and be able to have them appear on the report card.

We are also very mobile now, able to take advantage of those $9 Spirit Air fares, and on car trips the kids can be busy logging time! SOS was highly recommended by friends that are public and private school teachers in two different states...The kids like it, are challenged, and able to develop independent study. Some of the links are amazing and you could spend hours getting extra science knowledge etc.- or you can not allow web links if you so choose. SOS is very organized, thus reducing stress in our lives and freeing up our time for more fun and educational hands on projects and trips.

I wish your families a closer relationship with each other and God and an academically successful, fun homeschool year! Rachael

Thanks for the wonderful homeschool review of Teaching Textbooks math curriculum, Switched on Schoolhouse and Virtual Nerd, Rachael! Great details and so helpful! Blessings, Heather :)

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