Homeschool Review: Confederate Reprint Company

by Deborah Cariker
(Montgomery, Texas)

I really have enjoyed ordering from and dealing with the fine folks at Confederate Reprint Company over the past eight years or so since I found them online. My older children have grown up with the excellent primary sources offered there. Now young adults, they both know that the sources from CRC are trustworthy. We recently adopted, and now our little boys will have the advantage of always having access to trustworthy and truthful books about their Southern heritage.

I hope no one thinks that CRC is some off the wall, racist company. Nothing could be further from the truth. The books offered are all primary sources and, thankfully, tell a now-untold side of the War of 1861 -- information now left out of history textbooks. In order to truly know that period of time -- or any period of time, it's best to read primary sources, books written by people who were there doing the thinking and the fighting and the reasoning.

A history minor in college and a woman born and raised in the South, I was quite irritated about all of the information left out of my education. Now a retired, award-winning journalist and the homeschooling mother of four (oops -- just three; we just graduated our daughter), I'm glad to be able to give a more-complete picture of that devastating period of American history.

Aside from the primary sources available, the other reason I was quickly drawn to at least sample the wares of Confederate Reprint Company was the very affordability of the products. The books are all reproduced verbatim and in paperback, making them all very inexpensive, and you know how important that is to most homeschooling families! The company now also offers some videos, like the very hard-to-find Disney movie "Song of the South".

Being mixed race myself, I'm happy to re-educate myself and to educate my children properly about our ancestors, regional politics -- and how they still apply today, and the bloody history of our nation. I also find it very interesting that so many modern politicos now want to champion "states' rights"; I hope they'll take a long look at the history of that thinking.

Excellent homeschool review, Deborah; love the details! I think other parents will find your thoughts very helpful. Thanks for posting! Blessings, Heather :)

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