Homeschool Record Keeping
Tips to Keep You Organized

How is your homeschool record keeping going this year? If you struggle with organization, you are not alone!

Unless you have an unlimited amount of time, for most of us homeschool record keeping is a struggle.

Depending on where you live, how you homeschool or your state’s homeschooling requirements, record keeping will be more of a concern for some, than for others.

Once you begin to homeschool high school, you definitely need to be more diligent at keeping good records.

To be honest with you, I am not much of a record keeper.

You would think that with all I do, with being a wife, mother, homeschool group leader, business owner and home educator, that organization would come easy to me.

But it doesn’t.

In the past, my homeschool record keeping system was making sure my children dated every piece of paper and lesson they completed. I figured if I’d ever need it, everything had a date on it, right?

Thank goodness, I never needed to show any homeschool records to anyone! :)

Now that my children are into their high school years, record keeping is more of a concern for me. I want to make sure that each child has what they need to receive their home school high school diploma, compete for scholarships, pursue all opportunities for higher learning or begin their career.

As homeschool parents we want to make sure that many doors open and remain open for our children, not limiting any possibility.

So how does a busy homeschooling parent keep track of necessary records and homeschooling information?

With an easy to use homeschool record keeping system!

There are a few homeschool record keeping products available for homeschool families. But how do you know which one is best for you?

Here are some tips to find the best system for you.

The Best Record Keeping System Must:

Fit Your Personality

Are you diligent? Can you take a ready made system and run with it? Do you need reminders? Do you need everything laid out and done for you, or do you like flexibility or creating your own system?

Are you technologically impaired? :) Can you navigate your way through new programs or online easily, with little problems? Are you computer savvy?

Answering these questions will help you decide what record keeping program is right for you.

Be Easy to Use

For me, too many bells and whistles can be overwhelming. If a website or program has too much going on, sometimes it can look cluttered or make you feel anxious.

Be aware that you will need to invest some time in setting up any record keeping system. Depending on the program you use and the it's features, the amount of time needed to customize it will vary.

Provide The Flexibility You Need

It’s hard for me to plan my week, let alone plan my entire school year. You, however, may find that planning your entire school year works for you and you enjoy mapping out your homeschool journey.

Or, you may want to record your homeschooling activities after they have been completed or want the freedom to do both - planning and journaling. This option will allow you to plan without being too rigid and eliminate guilty feelings when you can’t keep up with your plan or if unplanned events come up.

Being able to adjust your plan easily is definitely a benefit!

If you are like me, a system that allows you the ability to both plan or journal your activities at the end of the week or whenever you have time, gives you the flexibility you desire.

Fit Your Lifestyle

If you are constantly on the go or your spouse travels a lot, an online system may be the perfect solution for your busy lifestyle. With an online homeschool record keeping system, parents working out of town, can easily login and keep up to date with your child’s progress and school work.

Also an online system eliminates worry or frustration from computer problems or crashes. Your records are safe in your online account.

Save You Time

This sounds like an oxymoron, since you will need to use your already limited time to keep up with your record keeping. If you are like me, record keeping may seem like a time consuming task. Which is why we don’t keep good records and on and on the cycle goes.

Scheduling time for record keeping is a must, otherwise you will never do it. There will always be more important and more enjoyable things to do. But to keep good records, you need to be consistent.

Like physical activity and exercise, you need to make time for it. You want it to become a part of your daily or weekly routine. Anything that becomes part of your daily routine, is always easier to do.

Hey, will you join me in keeping better records? Doing things we don't like are always more fun when others join you!

And... we even may actually enjoy it! :)

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