Homeschool Reading Success with Dick and Jane Books

by Mom

Remember the Dick and Jane books from yesteryear? Homeschooling mom shares a great homeschool reading success story AND some money-saving tips...

My oldest son attended public schools through grade six, but I taught him to read in kindergarten using the old Dick and Jane books. The teaching materials they used in the classroom were not working for him; he would look at the picture of a red hen and say red hen rather than reading the words red hen. They put him in a special reading class to no avail – he still wasn’t getting it. Within a few months of reading Dick and Jane with him and teaching him to sound out the words he had surpassed all the kids in his class.

Now that he's home schooled we use a variety – LIFEPAC, Spelling Power, Saxon Math, and just living everyday life is a wonderful opportunity to teach and learn, but Dick and Jane started it all for us.

On a side note, craigslist and Freecycle can be great places to find home school materials for free. I have received litmus paper (for science experiments) for free on freecycle.

What a great "Dick and Jane" testimony! I remember learning to read with Dick and Jane books when I was in school and use them with my kids too. Thanks for taking the time to help other parents by sharing your experience with Dick and Jane Books – your comments are helpful, as are your money-saving Craigslist and Freecycle tips! Love them! Blessings, Heather :)

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