Homeschool Reading Help and Tips

by Katie

This may be the coolest idea since the invention of sliced bread! Homeschool reading technique to know when your kids are ready to read!

My mother was a kindergarten teacher for years... she had a simple way to see if each child in her class was ready to begin learning to read or she needed to wait and work with them later in the year...

If they could hold their head up straight and reach over their head with the opposite arm and touch the top of their ear with their fingers they were ready to begin learning to read!

This worked for her for almost five years of teaching kindergarten and never went wrong with a single child.

I have used the same technique with five of my six children, and at every time they were so easy to teach how to read if I waited until they could touch their ear.

My daughter kept wanting to learn to read at age four but she couldn't touch her ear yet. I tried anyway for over a year to teach her, with absolutely no success!

Within three months of her being able to touch her ears (age 5 1/2) she was reading second grade books! It really works!

This is so cool, Katie! Thanks for sharing this tip with other homeschooling moms and dads. My youngest is two, so I will try it with him when he gets older. Blessings and Happy Homeschool Reading! Heather :)

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Sep 11, 2015
by: Finn

Well, that sounds like a pretty cool idea to me. Yeah, I think such a method can be adopted to try with the kids, so that they won’t be over fed and can learn things pretty easy.
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Sep 23, 2015
Homeschool Reading Help and Tips NEW
by: Anonymous

Such an excellent tip provided above. Most of the parents doesn't have any idea that when the kids are ready to learn something. These tips are helpful to them to recognize them. I also suggest best paper writing service reviews for better education and skills development.

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