Homeschool Questions: Finishing Workbooks and Switching Curriculum

by Carolina

First Year Homeschool Questions

First Year Homeschool Questions

New home educator has some first year homeschool questions about finishing workbooks, changing curriculum, etc.

For our first year of homeschooling I am using Lifepac. My son in first grade is doing fine with his books. My daughter in fourth is having a harder time. She has trouble with multiplication which slows her down in her workbook. If she did not finish her workbooks by the end of the year-June, would that be o.k.?

I would also like to use a different curriculum next year. I'd prefer one that is more entertaining, shorter and has a bible component or is secular.


Hi Carolina!
Don't worry if your daughter does not finish her workbooks by June. The beauty of homeschooling is that each child can work at their own pace. Your daughter can continue to work on her math (finish the workbooks) during the summer months. My children do a little bit of school a couple mornings per week in the summer. If we do a bit of "school" during the summer months, I find that I have to do little, if any review with them when we start up in the Fall.

As far as switching curriculum... if you want to stay with Alpha Omega homeschool curriculum, you could look at their Switched-On Schoolhouse software. It might be a nice change from the LifePac workbooks.

You can find reviews of AOP's Switched-On Schoolhouse to decide if its a good fit for you and your children.

You might want to look into unit study curriculum. Most often though, unit studies require a greater time investment from you. The kids will love them, but you may not.

Recently another home educator asked for help in choosing curriculum for her children - you can see my answer to her homeschool curriculum questions for some ideas.

Perhaps someone will suggest some other curriculum/programs for you to consider.

Hope this helps!

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