Homeschool Questions: AOP and High School

by Marjorie
(Roanoke, VA)

Thanks so much for offering to answer homeschool questions!!

You mention your kids did well testing without formal education. I was just wondering tho', it sounds like you use Alpha Omega which I thought was a formal program. Is it not?

I am approaching high school this year and am having many sleepless nights. We have done more of a literature approach to education, and I think we are lacking in some skills they might need for high school. Do you think AOP can help get us on track?

Hi Marjorie,
My kids did do well when I tested them even though we had only done unit studies for most of their elementary/middle school years.

Yes, AOP is a more traditional program, but it is self-directed versus teacher-led, like most traditional curriculum. We started using student-led curriculum when my oldest was in 7th grade because we had a newborn and my mom was in the hospital with terminal cancer. We spent that entire school year traveling back and forth 2-3 days a week or so to visit her. Prior to that year – 2003, we had only done unit studies.

I was concerned my kids weren't learning everything they needed – learning through unit studies was a different way of learning/teaching for me, as it is with most who are educated in the public schools, I think. However, after testing them, I was pleasantly surprised; they both tested way above grade level. They also had never taken a formal test either!

I think learning through unit studies was a better fit for our family and a better way for my kids to learn but I continued to use AOP Lifepacs after that year to get my oldest ready for high school. I like AOP because it is affordable, super easy to use and you have the flexibility to buy just the courses/books
you need. The diagnostic tests help to place your student exactly where they need to be in the curriculum. (For one of my kids, we needed to start her in a variety of books from different grades.)

AOP homeschool curriculum helped us fill in some areas where my oldest was lacking, to better prepare her for more traditional high school courses. I do think you can learn through unit studies or literature-based curriculum all through high school and be prepared for college, etc. If your literature-based method is working for you, you could continue with it and just buy a course, or another product for the specific skills your kids need to work on. For example, my kids missed diagramming sentences. I didn't realize it until it came up in the AOP curriculum. So, we took some time and did a crash course on diagramming sentences – I found a book called Basics of Diagramming from Christian Light that was very helpful.

When my second oldest was in eighth grade, she wanted to do a unit study one last time before going to high school. She did World of Adventure again (we had done it with her when she was in fourth grade) and loved it more the second time through! She never struggled with transitioning to more traditional courses in high school. If you teach your children HOW to learn, you will never have to worry that they won’t know something. If a topic came up in high school that my two oldest had never covered before, they would do some extra research so they could continue on with their lessons.

I hope this helps!

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