Homeschool Question: School Withholding Records

by c johnson
(Corsicana Tx 75110)

Homeschool Question: Records Withheld

Homeschool Question: Records Withheld

I have a son who has been with a school before it became a real school, should I say. A lady started out of her house teaching and then went on to open a larger school with actual teachers.

Well, now we have to pay for the child to go to school. We are unable to continue to pay and they kicked my son out of school. They will not release his records for me to be able to continue with his education because we owe tuition. What can be done about this or can anything be done?

Hi C,
If the school gets federal funds of any type, then they are required by law (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)) to make your child's records available to you.

The following two links have more information on this law:

If the school is a private school, then this law does not apply. You can try to work something out with the school - perhaps a letter explaining your situation and history may work (its sounds like your arrangement/contract changed). However, a private school can withhold records - transcripts, etc. if you still owe tuition. Perhaps you can work out a payment plan or some other agreement so you can get your child's records.

See the following links for more information on private schools withholding student records.

From what I have found, this seems to be the norm for all states, including Texas, but you may want to research further. Try contacting someone from the Texas Education Agency.

I hope this helps.

PS The above reply is helpful information and advice only. Please do not take it as legal counsel since I am not, nor ever want to be a lawyer. :)

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Oct 28, 2015
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