Homeschool Question: Focusing on Things He Doesn't Like?

by Joy
(Cortez, CO)

Homeschool Question: Do you homeschool a child who doesn't focus on certain subjects? Share your thoughts to help this mom...

I know that my 1st grade, soon to be 2nd grade, son does not have trouble focusing. He listens to stories and knows exactly what they are about. However, he is having a terrible time focusing on things he does not like. Unfortunately, he does not like math, reading, phonics, or spelling. These are critical subjects. I have been for the last two years been sitting with him refocusing his attention every time he gets distracted. However, I have two other children needing my attention this coming school year and I feel that he should be able to work more on his own. I am on my last thread. HELP!!

Hi Joy,
Your son is still young; I wouldn't get too concerned that he isn't focusing as long as you want him to on the above subjects. However, I do understand your frustration and concern about your other two children.

Sometimes all that is needed is an adjustment in the curriculum you use. I switched to a language arts program that combined reading, spelling, phonics, handwriting and grammar - the lessons are very short and keep my kids' attention. The curriculum I use is Learning Language Arts Through Literature (LLATL).

One of my children struggled with a short attention span as well. I'm not sure what curriculum you use, but our family really benefited from unit studies. I highly recommend Five in a Row; your younger children can join in too. The last time I went through Five In a Row (FIAR), we added lapbooking and found many free lapbooks that went along with the books we read at Homeschool Share.

I just finished reading a short book on the Charlotte Mason homeschooling method, titled, "A Charlotte Mason Education" and highly recommend it. The author does an excellent job of giving a brief overview this homeschooling method and includes some practical ways to implement it in our home schools. I think you would benefit from it, as your situation sounds similar to ours.

I hope this helps! If you have any other questions or comments, please let me know. Other visitors may share their advice and stories as well.
Heather :)

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