Choose a Perfectly Unique Homeschool Planner
and Family Organizer

Looking for an easy to use, affordable homeschool planner? The Busy Body Book may be the perfect solution.

I just received my Busy Body Book Family Planning Organizer in the mail today!

I am going to use it to keep track of my family's homeschooling schedules and to help me with my homeschool organizing.

(But students could also use the Busy Body Book for their schoolwork.)

When opening up the big puffy mailer and pulling out my new organizing tool, my initial thought was...


The metal spiral binding seems crush resistant and the pages turn easily.

Don’t you just hate when the pages of a book get all squished and torn, just by turning them?

Homeschool Family Friendly

Most planners or organizers only provide one space per day - which is why they are called personal planners.

Busy Body Book (BBB) provides you with five spaces for five different schedules, per day.

You can syncronize up to FIVE family members schedules, keep track of five students or five school subjects.

A true family homeschool planner and organizer!

Student Friendly

Every parent wants their child to become more organized, right?

Your student can keep track of all their homeschool assignments and projects, and know exactly what they need to accomplish in each subject, every day of the school year.

They can also help you a little by recording test results, completed assignments and lessons in their homeschool planner, each day.

Inside View of Your Homeschool Planner...

homeschool planner

Spill-Proof Cover

In my home we school at the kitchen table. We also have little people in our homeschool classroom with extremely inquiring minds. Not much gets past their sticky fingers and clumsy co-ordination.

The durable and wipe-able plastic cover provides the necessary protection from jelly or paint covered fingers and those awful apple juice spills. This homeschool planner will definitely last.


Ever need a hard surface to write on while out or traveling in the car?

Just this week I met another homeschool mom, while at the beach. She lives close by and was interested in our homeschool co-op. I wanted to get her contact information, however discovered I had nothing to write with, or on.

No, I didn’t have my BBB – I’m not quite in the habit of carrying it with me, yet. Instead I had to scrounge around for a writing utensil, and piece of paper.

My new homeschool friend happened to have an old deposit slip in her purse and I found a pencil with a couple melted vitamins stuck to it, in the diaper bag. After picking off the vitamins, I then had to use my LEG to write our homeschool co-op's contact information, so we could keep in touch.

Not good.

You will find many uses for this homeschool planner. It's the perfect size to carry with you anywhere... even to the beach!

Double Armored

The BBB actually has two covers – the hard, yet flexible plastic cover and a very cool looking and durable, shiny cardboard cover. It could come in handy as a back-up cover, but I’m sure Joan wants you to be the hippest homeschool organizing mom around.

House your receipts, cards or important documents like those bothersome bills that never seem to go away in the large inside-cover pockets.

Outside View of Your Cool Homeschool Planner...

homeschool planner

Eliminates "Little White Lies"

Do you have a person in your life that is always planning ahead?

When my mom was alive, she used to call me a couple to three months in advance of an event to see if I was available on a certain day. I would be cleaning up my Labor Day celebratory lunch and asked where I wanted to have Christmas dinner?

To those questions, I always answer... "I'm not sure, I will check our schedule."

Check my schedule?! The truth is, I usually don’t know what I am doing next week, let alone two or three months down the road!

Be in The Know!

The BBB’s six month view, provides a handy, convenient place to jot down future commitments and events.

Just this week, my aunt asked me if I received my cousin's save the date note, for his wedding at the end of September. You know what? I could honestly answer, "It’s on our calendar!" :)

My mom would also be happy to know I can now not only plan for Christmas 2008, but for 2009! (It's on a Friday!)

Other Cool Homeschool Planner Benefits

Increase your time by not wasting it looking for important contact information. Use the designated Contact Pages and always have everything at your finger tips.

Always have a place in your homeschool planner to write down anything worth remembering, in the useful Notes section.

Perforated shopping/to-do lists at the back of the organizer provide easy reminders and delegation. My obsessively organized former co-worker, would love these – a little list making, crossing off delight. (Read my homeschool organization page for further details!)

Joan, the creator of the Busy Body organizing system, also helps you look ahead to the next year.

She provides an area to make notes or list all your important future events.... graduations, homeschool form filing dates, college application deadlines, weddings, and of course, Christmas Dinner! :)

So there you have it. The Busy Body Book. Perfect for busy bodies and homeschool families.

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