Successful Homeschool Organizing
Tips and Help!

Homeschooling multiple children? Can’t seem to get your home in order? Need some homeschool organizing tips to help you keep track of your family, your kids’ schoolwork and increase your productivity?

For most of us, organization is something we need to work at constantly.

Many home educators struggle with getting everything done during the day – laundry, housework, meals, errands and homeschooling, so don’t ever think you are alone in your plight!

A few months ago, a fellow homeschooling friend and I were chatting about the keeping-house problem and she mentioned she had "furr" growing on the ledges around her home.

I, of course, knew exactly what she meant, started laughing and suddenly felt relieved that there was another person in this world who also had mounds of dust in unseen places... and the guts to admit it!

So how do you keep everything organized, your homeschool running smoothly and your house clean?

Fellow Home Educators to the Rescue!

Recently we hosted a Homeschool Organizing Contest to help you get more organized in your home school. Fellow home educators shared their best homeschool organizing secrets, tips and advice and for a chance to win one of four fabulous prizes provided by Busy Body Book Organizers!

What's A Busy Body Book Organizer?

I'm glad you asked! I just started using one this school year and have to tell you about it!

Joan Goldner, a professional printer turned organization expert, created the perfect tool to help busy families keep track of their schedules.

Ever double book or over book your family?

Embarrassing and exhausting!

Eliminate the embarrassment of missed meetings or filling your schedule too full. Know exactly what each family member needs to do every day. See everyone’s schedule side by side.


With BBB’s Side-By-Side Weekly Family Grid Planner.

It's an easy-to-use organizing tool, for family, work or homeschooling - see my review of this cool homeschool planner!

Keep Your Family Organized!

The Busy Body Book Family Organizer helps you synchronize your family's homeschool schedules, so you know exactly what each family member’s commitments, assignments and activities are, each day.

I use mine to help me with my homeschool organizing, but your teens could also use the Busy Body Book for their schoolwork.

There are five head columns, for up to five family members or five school subjects.

Use the planner for homeschooling and know exactly what each student needs to accomplish in each subject, every day of the school year.

Or, Use One of These Absolutely Handy...

homeschool organizing

Busy Body Fridge Grids Pads!

The Busy Body Fridge Grid is perfect for large families or for adding meal planning or bill paying to your schedule. You will know at a moment's glance EVERYTHING everybody needs to do every day of the year!

Need Some Help Getting More Organized?

To get your organizing juices going, read some Home School Organization submissions from other homeschooling parents just like you!

Does Organization Come Easy for You?

Are you highly organized? Have you gone from a homeschool organization failure to a homeschool organizing success? Do you homeschool multiple children, in different grades successfully or, homeschool a large family?

Maybe you have the coolest, most organized homeschool classroom and keep everything – curriculum, books, supplies, projects and materials organized?

How do you do it? We want to know!

Share your successful homeschool organizing tips, advice and stories to help others become more organized, enjoy homeschooling more and find homeschool success.

Found Homeschool Organization Success?

Please share your successful homeschool organizing stories, tips and advice with other home educators!

Got a picture of your totally organized homeschool classroom or your family enjoying organization success?

Include it!

Tell us specifically how you stay organized everyday. Maybe you were an absolute homeschool organizing or record keeping failure, but found the secret to success.

Homeschool a large family? How do you homeschool, get everything and keep your sanity?

Submit your story now!

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The Cost of Clutter...

Great post on the effects and cost of clutter in your home. Enjoy!

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