Homeschool Organizing Secret

by Denise

Discover a little secret to homeschool organizing success and become more organized, relaxed and happy while homeschooling your family...

I am not a natural organizer so the journey to make our days run smoothly has been a long, winding, uphill adventure.

I have tried numerous chore charts, planners (purchased and printed from free on-line sources), organizing web-sites and books. Nothing has worked for more than a few months and usually has been more of a burden than a help.

I finally realized that I had to look at my family and what would work for us rather than feeling like I had to do things the way someone else was. This was huge for me.

Well, I figured out that I am a "record school work after it is completed" person.

We are, for the most part, a "do the next thing" homeschool. With this approach, it is easier for me and less stressful to record our daily work when it is finished rather than spend hours and hours pre-planning when it just does not work for us.

I have also written our daily chores and exercise schedule on a white board where everyone can see it. This has been a huge help with the organization of our day and how smoothly it runs.

Now, don't get me wrong, we still have chaotic days, but they are not the norm anymore.

I also purchased shelves that work in our room and with our things. They have four shelves that are divided in half so there are eight cubbies. This is nice because my children have their own shelf and they know exactly where their books and folders are without having to search for them.

They take pride in keeping "their space" neat so they can find what they need quickly.

Well, these are some of the steps I have taken to help our days be more organized and simplified. I know that I still have work to do and areas to improve when it comes to organizing, but now the journey is more enjoyable.

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