Homeschool Organizing Help with Weekly Assignment Sheets

by Tammy C.
(Fort Stewart, GA)

I have been homeschooling for six years now and find my homeschool organizing skills are being tweeked each day. :-)

The best solution I have come up with for my two children is each week I put an assignment sheet and any worksheets they may have in the left pocket of a double pocket folder (each child has their own folder).

When each day is completed, they check off the assignment sheet and put all completed papers in the right side pocket of the folder. This way - everything is in one place.

After the week is complete, I gather the papers out of the right side, check them, have the children correct anything that needs it, and then place the completed/checked papers in a large accordian-style folder (one for each child) to act as their portfolio.

If this process is completed each week, then I don't have papers strewn all around the house and the children aren't asking me what they have to do each day for school.

I don't know if I can plug the Homeschool Tracker software, but that is what I use to print off their assignments each week.

That has helped me tremendously to keep track of assignments, number of days we have done school and any outside works like field trips, piano lessons, or Drama camps.

Hope this helps anyone else!!

(It does, Tammy. Great ideas, thanks! :) Heather)

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