Homeschool Organizing Busy Body Book

by Crystal

Easy Homeschool Organizing

Easy Homeschool Organizing

I read all about your homeschool organizing planner, but have searched and searched your site and cannot see how to order it? Do you still have it? Please let me know asap. Thanks, Crystal

Hi Crystal,

You can order the Busy Body Book through Joan's website -

To receive an exclusive homeschool discount, use the coupon code: PEAH when checking out. Your order will be adjusted to reflect the 10% discount.

Happy Organizing!
Heather :)

I just received my 2009/2010 Busy Body Book in the mail the other day and what a welcome relief!

To be honest with you, I got out of the habit of using it over the summer and started the new homeschool year without it. Ooops!

Now that the start of our homeschool co-op is here and our personal home school is in full swing, I was having trouble remembering who, what, where, when, why and how.

Thanks to my Busy Body Book, I will no longer worry about forgetting things or keeping everything straight - it's all in my pretty BBB. :)

I can't tell you how good it feels! To find out more about the Busy Body Book, check out my review of this unique family and homeschool planner.

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