Homeschool Organization Mindset

by Laura Mahoney
(Malabar, Florida)

Trust, faith and peace help with homeschool organization.

Trust, faith and peace help with homeschool organization.

Homeschool organization isn't just about storage containers and keeping schoolwork filed correctly. Having the proper mindset plays an important part in keeping your homeschool day running smoothly...

As the administrator of your homeschool, your job never ends; bringing up, caring for and educating/training the family in all the ways - from making the beds to caring for the body, to educating the mind and most importantly application of all principles.

We have trusted our Creator to lead us to all kinds of opportunities such as fairs, 4H, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Sea Cadets and all training in between.

Three children involved in choirs, dramas, caring for numerous animals from rabbits to sheep and so many others, has made for very busy days, yet we have maintained a calm peaceful family, in tune to nature and allowing faith to guide us.

Education is just a way of life for us whether it comes through good old books to figuring out fencing issues for the animals, or involving ourselves in an 1840's camp every year for a week. The process is rewarding and purposeful.

Could always use help on organization, though - especially to create more time? (BIG Smile)

Trust, faith and simplicity helps to declutter our life. Thanks for the reminder, Laura!

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