Homeschool Organization Ideas

by Debbie Adams
(Cumming, GA)

Homeschool organization ideas.

Homeschool organization ideas.

If you want to increase your homeschool organization, find two tips to easily keep your books and papers in one place...

My husband installed a wall of floor to ceiling bookshelves in our bonus room. All of our school books and regular books fit on them, so no more looking around the house for the right book.

Also, when we are doing school, my girls each have a crate (similar to a milk crate) that there books and papers go into. That way I only have to look in one place for their papers to grade, or their books to get ready for the next days work.

The only issue I still have is remembering (or taking the time...LOL) to actually grade their work and record it. I am usually grading weeks of work at one time!

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