Time-Saving Homeschool Options to
Learn Better and Graduate Faster!

Looking to get your homeschool diploma quicker? Try these proven homeschool options to learn better and earn your diploma in record time!

1. Work with determination.

Homeschooling takes self-discipline and completing a grade quicker requires increased self-control, perseverance and extra effort.

2. Know your state's requirements.

Focus only on what you need to do, to meet the requirements of your state. You can easily find your homeschool and high school requirements, through your state's website.

Eliminate unnecessary or an over abundance of extra-curricular activities that don’t benefit your future career, education or meet your schooling requirements.

3. Learn to maximize your time.

Everyone struggles with wasting time. Learn to be organized and focus on the most important things first. Know how to prioritize.

4. Get proper nutrition.

Eat right and drink water.

Many teens do not get enough vitamins or minerals and consume low energy, highly processed foods. Drinking adequate amounts of water and getting all your required nutrients daily, will help you learn better.

Feed your brain with important essential fatty acids. (Omega 3’s and 6’s found in fish and flax seed oil.)

5. Exercise.

Proper home school physical education and/or exercise enhances learning. Sitting down in front of the computer completing online classes or studying at your desk isn’t healthy.

Make the most of your homeschool options by getting enough physical exercise and time away from your books.

6. School through the summer.

Taking an extra course or two through the summer will help you get through quicker. (My kids school an hour or two, in the morning only, for six weeks or so in the summer and get ahead on the next year.)

Doing a bit of school during the summer also minimizes review. Most often you can skip the beginning lessons of most traditional textbooks/curriculum, because you won't forget what you learned previously.

7. School year round.

Schooling year round and/or taking smaller breaks during the holidays, provides a simple solution to getting more done.

8. Earn high school and college credit together.

Homeschool options like dual enrollment, or credit by examination help you to earn your home school high school diploma and college credit at the same time.

Save even more time by taking online college classes.

Credit by examination provides an even quicker (and cheaper) way and over 2900 colleges accept credits received.

9. Continue to learn at home.

Continue homeschooling - stepping into a traditional classroom can slow you down as you are confined to the schedule of the teacher/school and pace of the students.

10. Become an independent learner.

Knowing how to learn and teaching yourself will speed up your education as you don't need supervision as much, and can go at your own pace, however fast or slow you need to go.

11. Find independent/self-learning materials

Search for independent/self-learning materials so you can learn on your own, without relying on a teacher/parent to spoon feed you or teach you lessons. (However, you can always go to your parent, etc. for additional help and guidance, for problem areas.)

12. Choose materials that best suit your learning style.

Look for materials that best suit your learning style and lifestyle, so you can study easily, on the go, or anywhere you want. If you choose an online program but don't always have access to a computer or the internet, that will slow you down.

Find Balance.
With that said, social interaction is important. So make sure you don't focus all your time on schooling.

Find balance between school and extra-curricular activities. Work hard and choose educational programs that best fit your learning style, so you can complete your requirements easily.

When you need additional help...
Local homeschool enrichment programs like a homeschool co-op allow you to work at your own pace, find friends and provide a great place to complete lab work or courses that require more group interaction.

Homeschool groups also offer physical education classes and opportunities to join sports teams.

One last tip...
Don't forget to enjoy each moment as you pursue your personal goals. Life is short!

Here's to maximizing your efforts and choosing homeschool options to help you learn best and get your high school diploma faster...

Have fun!

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